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We all want more meaningful lives...

but it's hard to work out what we want and connect to our inner guidance in a busy world that worships striving and doing.

You're already more magical than you know

You just need a simple way to get out of your head, stop the world and reconnect to your heart. That's where the magic unfolds.

Which is why I'm here...

Hi! I'm Helen, a writer, teacher and mentor, dedicated to empowering soulful women to connect more deeply with themselves & develop the courage to live and work on their terms. 

I've spent 13 years helping soulful women navigate the gap between a life with no breathing space and one that feels free & fulfilling.

After following my head for 30 years down a path that almost broke me, I abandoned 'Society's Rules', declared a peaceful rebellion and followed my heart towards a life that feeds my soul.

I've created a MAGICAL process outlining the steps I took. This site invites soulful women to come together, throw out the rule book & explore this approach to living and working magically and meaningfully.

Forget hustle and stress. It's time to Do Life Differently..

Start Your Adventure
Soul-shifting, heart-nourishing resources to help you find more meaning & magic. No mountain retreat, omming, time-travel or lottery wins required.

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Magical things bubbling to help you unfold your magic & live more meaningfully.

The Magical Mindset Mastery Circle opens in Summer 2018 and introvert-friendly group masterminds & in-person workshops are coming in Winter 2018.

The Magical Unfolding book is released on 8th September! (SO excited!!).

You can read more about it, check out my successful crowdfunding campaign, and sign up for updates by clicking the image below.

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