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No mountain retreat, omming, time-travel or lottery wins required.
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Magical Mind Makeover

Free 5 Day guided online retreat to help you quieten the mind monkeys & refocus on what you want.

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Our online community opens in Summer 2018, enabling you to explore the MAGICAL path alongside women like you.

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Unfold your magic, rekindle your sparkle and discover what a meaningful life really means to you in my soulful trainings.

Hi lovely! I'm Helen,

I'm a writer, teacher, magic maker and creator of the MAGICAL process for peace, potential and purpose.

I help soulful women who feel unfulfilled, to connect with their hearts and unlock the courage to live and work in a way that feeds their soul.

You came here with something unique to contribute.
When you build your life around who you came here to be - not who others have you believing you are, you will discover the magic and meaning you've been seeking all along...
About Me...

Magical things bubbling to help you unfold your magic & live more meaningfully.

The Magical Mindset Academy opens in Autumn 2018 and introvert-friendly group masterminds & in-person workshops are coming in Winter 2018.

I'm currently writing my heart-led book, The Magical Unfolding - and it's released in September 2018! (SO excited!!).

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