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Less Hustle, More Flow. My Biz. My Way.

Hello lovely soul, welcome.

If you're new to me, I'm Helen and I’m on a heart-led mission to help 100,000 women uncover their inherent peace, potential and purpose, so that they can live & work in a way that feeds their soul.

I call it the #peacefulrebellion because I don’t believe we have to bend, break, shout, hustle, follow rules and strategies or push to fulfil our potential.

I believe there’s a quieter, kinder, more intuitive way. One that seems almost magical at times. Mainly because things show up in your path that you wouldn't otherwise have seen.

Which explains why I'm here, writing this blog...

When I was tagged in a Facebook post by my lovely online friend Sarah Swanton, inviting solopreneurs to share how they run their business in Judith Morgan's ‘Your Biz Your Way’ Blogfest, my inner curiosity said yes immediately.

I respectfully honoured my curiosity and committed to a date before my head found out details and tried talking me out of...

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