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This year has been discombobulating.

I can't think of a better word for the veritable whirlwind of emotion that has been 2020.


Even if you're an introvert like me who loves being home, you've experienced the seemingly endless wave of emotions. And you've absolutely no idea where your energy, enthusiasm and focus went.

It's been an exhausting, unsettling period of time for us all.

We've had an intense time. None of us expected this collective shift and our nervous systems have done a LOT of letting go, adjusting and processing.

Even if you're a daily meditator or you have awesome self-care, I bet you’ve lost your inner sparkle in a corner somewhere. And your inner calm has given up and gone on holiday. Unlike us!

The #ZenInTen Challenge is a should-free, restorative small group experience to help you press pause, even when you can't go on holiday.

It will help you to shift stress, get more serenity and feel more joyful through subtle shifts.

10 days. 10 simple tools. 


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Even if the world feels messy and muddled, now is a great time to take a step back.


Pausing is powerful. But not easy to do in modern life.

Many of us are reassessing what we really want in our life, as we do our best to simplify our space and create a sense of calm and control.

It's in the micro-moments of your life that you create calm, find clarity and create control. And life shifts happen one small step at a time.

Which is why now feels like a good time to offer the deceptively simple, highly impactful, restorative #ZenInTen Challenge.

We begin again on 14th November. 
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On this transformational journey, you will discover:


 ✨How to start each day feeling more energised and focussed, so you get the important things done, and stop feeling like a failure ✨

✨ Simple, quick daily steps you can use to feel calmer and less like you're spinning in circles ✨

✨ The simple secret behind actually starting one of those projects you keep promising yourself - without feeling guilty about it ✨

You will come away with tools you can use to create more time and space to do what really matters to you. 
Without having to overhaul your life, change what's happening in the world, or become a meditating maestro.

How It Works

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Daily Email

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Daily Live Video

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Online Portal

At the start of the challenge, you'll get a simple PDF checklist to help you track each day's step. 

Each day you'll receive an email outlining each step, with a link to the live challenge group, where I'll be each day during the challenge, guiding you through the day's focus. 

Once your challenge is complete, you have lifelong access to the video replays and other useful resources in the online Magical Life Academy.

You can also access future live challenges as many times as you like, with no extra investment.

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What They Say..

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Aspasia Holley

I have learned so much. Some practices were so easy I don't even think about them. Thank you for this beautiful journey. You have literally changed my life! Please love yourself enough to consider this challenge!

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Linda Anderson

The tools and techniques provided are immensely powerful and I'm sure I'll be using them for years to come. Thank you, Helen, for creating such a beautiful, life-changing programme.

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Zoe King

My relationship to my stressors have changed markedly since I did Zen inTen. I am far more in control and when overwhelm threatens, as it still does occasionally, I have the tools to cope.

Your Investment - How much do you want to pay?

The choice is yours...

I believe in Doing Life Differently. So, I'm offering you three price options. Each one offers amazing value and you will get exactly the same great experience, support and content. Read the description for each option and choose the one that suits you best.



This is my lowest price, based purely upon delivery costs to you. It's designed to support those on a tight budget. If this is you... go for it!

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When you choose this option you're supporting what matters - coming together to contribute to a brighter world. Your investment funds an NHS keyworker's space on any #ZenInTen Challenge.

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This is my midrange price, based on you getting all the same great content and me actually getting paid!

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What They Say..

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Emma Lonsdale

I signed up as I love what Helen has to say! This challenge as with all Helen's work is fantastic! Small steps to help keep my head on track and my feet firmly grounded and my inner vitality flowing.

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Melanie Harper

The ZenInTen Challenge provided perfect steps and advice that can be used every day to help you feel relaxed and calm. Some absolutely magic moments that are invaluable. Thank you so much!

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Karen Solloway

The Zen in Ten Challenge is really life changing. So many brilliant ideas, that can easily become habits, because they are so easy to do/put into practice. Thank you, thank you Helen, I loved it!

Gift Your Future Self Serenity....

Delivered automagically to your inbox over 11 days (with a break in the middle for a vital pause!); this actionable, achievable challenge will help you develop the foundations for a more mellow life.

It is designed specifically to take little time, require very little effort - but still have maximum impact.

Say yes - you have nothing to lose but your stress monsters... and your future self will be delighted you gifted yourself this opportunity.

Take The Challenge

Meet Your Guide

Hello lovely! 

I'm Helen Rebello and I'm an author, mentor and women’s empowerment educator who loves helping midlife women to fulfil their potential.

I do this by writing about and sharing my Magical Processes with my small, soulful community of midlife women who are done with hustle and want to live in a more fulfilling, less depleting way that feeds their soul. Less hustle. More flow.

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Making the World A Brighter Place

Everything I create and share comes with an intention to inspire a sense of hope and possibility in others. At the heart of what I do is a belief that we are all enough already and when we learn to live in an intentional way that honours and expresses who we are, we send out positive ripples to those around us.

This is how we change the world. And it's why I do what I do.

As well as supporting and contributing to women's support organisations like My Sister's House and RestFest, I want to support NHS Keyworkers. I was once an overwhelmed, stressed-out NHS health professional and many of my friends and former colleagues are still on the frontline.

I know with your help I can make that desire a reality. When you choose the Kind To Keyworker package you'll be paying it forward to help me offer additional resources and circles for NHS Keyworkers. Making their future lives lighter and brighter no matter what they've endured at work.

Thank you for your support. I couldn't do this without you.

With endless gratitude to Nick Haines of The Five Institute for creating Kindness Pricing and being kind enough to share it.