Soulful Support For Your Life Journey

Learn how to stop spinning in circles and start slowing down, so you can hear your inner whispers and start living in a way that feeds your soul.

One simple step at a time.

Deep within your heart sits a steadily burning flame.

A flame that yearns to burn brightly, for you to DO more, BE more, SEE more, LAUGH more, PLAY more, GIVE more, LIVE more, LOVE more, SERVE more.
Your Life Flame, always there for you, still burning, NO MATTER WHAT – even when it longs for the freedom to shine more.
What would it take for you to really honour this faithful flame?
To allow your inner spark of great potential to shine?
To let your flame burn so brightly that you glow with joy and fulfillment?

Life is too short to settle

Your desire to inspire, your yearning for learning, or your deep need to succeed, stem from a basic human requirement: continuous evolution and full self-expression to avoid dis-ease and disconnection.

The flame in your heart represents the deepest desires of your soul.

You were born with something uniquely wonderful to offer the world, and I want to help you reconnect to it, to re-awaken the sense of deep magic and meaning you deserve.
Your highest potential is right there waiting for you – all you have to do is step into it. 

Take Your First Step...

Grab a cuppa and get comfy, then press play to discover what my work is about and my core guiding philosophies. It might be the best 4 minutes you've spent 😉


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Embody ♾ Express ♾ Expand

Through Movement, Meditation, Mentoring, Mindfulness & Me-Time

Yoga & Meditation Sessions

Small group classes perfect for you if you're new to yoga and meditation and looking for a gentle approach.
Classes are themed around five elements and the seasons, aiming to leave you feeling grounded, calm, lighter and brighter. You will come away feeling mellow and ‘in the Zone’ so that you can flow more easily through your day.
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Unfold Your Magic Mentoring

One-to-one programme for when you are a turning point in your life, and aren't sure which direction to head in.

You may feel like you're on the cusp of something exciting, but also scary, and you want loving support and accountability from someone who can help you tap into your inner wisdom, so you can trust the unfolding journey ahead.

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Transformational Therapy

Transformative, deeply relaxing treatments, combining Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Shiatsu and Central Channel Release.
This helps you to release trauma, realign and optimise your body’s self-healing power. Through the transformative power of touch, realignment and stillness, I help you free up your resources to better fulfil your unique potential.
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Let's Have A Chat!

Book your complimentary, no-obligation call to explore how I can support you in achieving your vision.

How I Work

My work is intuitive, heart-based, soulful, respectful and guided by your highest needs. We form a partnership, where I act as your guide and catalyst.
The essence of my work is about embodying and expressing all that you are and giving you tools for your continued expansion.
I provide you with a safe sanctuary space where you can be truly seen and heard and support you in addressing what limits you. I will help you to reconnect to your inner wisdom, offer insights that may be helpful, give you accountability and provide appropriate tools to empower and inspire you to reach your desires.
Ultimately my work guides you back home to yourself, so that you can tap into your inner resources and use them as a lifelong compass from which to navigate and liberate your life.
Mentoring sessions take place with clients worldwide via Zoom or in-person in Worcestershire, UK.
Transformational therapy sessions and yoga/meditation classes are available from September 2019 in Malvern, Worcestershire
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