And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Anais Ni

Unfold Your Magic Mentoring

The soulful 1-to-1 programme empowering soulful midlife women to be who they truly are, live from their heart and shape their days intentionally, so they create more freedom, flow and fulfilment in their life.

Align more. Be more. Expand more.

Laugh more. Feel more. Experience more.

It's time to take back control of your life, energy and spirit. 

No more feeling exhausted and running on an empty tank. 

No more putting the tugging of your soul to one side in favour of supporting only the other people around you. 

No more diminishing your efforts, postponing joy or sidelining your desires.

Instead it’s time to step into your life more fully, more soulfully and more joyfully.

Reclaiming your life, desire, and magic.

This time in your life doesn’t have to be scary. It can be a time of magical unfolding.

Yes, midlife is a time when you realise that you’re closer to the end then you are to the beginning - and that can be awe inspiring (and yes, a tiny bit terrifying).

But it’s also the space where magic unfolds - if you know where to look and how to see it.  That’s where I come in. 

I’m Helen Rebello and I’m the soul mentor and space holder to women like you who refuse to ignore the pull of their joyful soul any longer. 

Consider me your magical guide to the self.

Unfold your magic mentoring is a soulful 1-to-1 program for midlife women who are ready to shape their life and their impact from a rooted, and connected place. 

For women who are ready to leave the ‘shoulds’ behind and shape their days and decade from a position of grace, grit and gratitude. 

How we lose our way...

Life can be turbulent, unpredictable and overwhelming. It can feel like a whirlwind as you’re constantly bombarded by the needs of others, by calls, texts and emails, leaving you feeling exhausted and frazzled, wondering what it is all about and how life got to feel this way. 

And it’s in that noise that the voice of our soul gets drowned out.

You can start off with good intentions (meditate, eat better, start the project you’ve had on the back burner for so so long) but somehow you get lost amongst the competing demands. You KNOW on a bone deep level that it’s not good to ignore the things that are nourishing to you but you leave them until the 11th hour.

And the 11th hour never comes. And the next day it starts all over again. Around and around you go, feeling increasingly depleted and disconnected until the small voice inside you becomes ever more insistent:

“You cannot go on like this. Time is running out. You were not put on this earth for this short and fleeting journey to ignore what you are here to do. “

And you’ll go on like this until you recognise the power you have to choose a different approach.

Are you ready to begin what you are here to do?

Unfold Your Magic Mentoring is the answer to that call.

It will help you step into your calling, learn to tune into that guiding voice inside and empower you to claim the next decade (and beyond) as the time when you are not prepared to mess around anymore.

This work is deep, sacred and transformative. And it’s not for the faint of heart or the solo traveller. 

But if you are ready (and have the right support)  the journey is invigorating, exciting and transformative. 

Yes, it requires trust, courage and willpower. 

It demands a willingness to be vulnerable, to be open, to learn how to listen to your heart, flow through fear, and to know what to do when resistance (I call it the resist-dance!) arises.

I will walk alongside you as your guide, mentor and medicine woman. Offering you the sacred, safe space in which to press pause - so you can take significant, soulful steps into a life that fills you up so much, your friends wonder what your secret is.

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You’ll unravel old unhelpful patterns and beliefs, design new ways of operating in the world and finally, truly, learn to trust and accept yourself.

"It has been a fantastic journey, Helen, thank you. I'm finally beginning to connect with a sense of safety from within, rather than looking for it outside of myself. Strengthening that connection has been on my wish list for a long time but I just couldn't seem to find a starting point before. Now I feel well and truly on the path and am excited to see where it leads me."

Linda Anderson
Mindset Magician

Does this sound big? It is.

But what’s the alternative? Staying where you are, feeling diminished a little more by every passing year? 

And it’s ok to be scared. It’s ok to feel intimidated. But lovely, you can do this - you HAVE to do this, and I will be there every step of the way. 

It’s time to stop telling yourself you can carry on disconnected from your soul and your inner source of joy. 
It’s time to really listen to that nagging voice that won’t let go and allow yourself the gift of claiming this life as your own. 
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"You have a lovely way about you Helen & I know I can completely trust you. You exude calmness & tranquillity and create a wonderful place where I feel completely safe to be open and vulnerable. What also helped was telling me you were once where I was, so you’re familiar with the path I wanted to take. You have wonderful intuition and honoured what I said and where I was."

Lesley Pyne
Author & Coach

Why I do this work

For the first 30 years of my life, I ignored my heart, listened to my head, followed other people’s expectations and tried to prove my worth through overdoing and over-giving.

Without realising it, I adapted, compressed and diminished myself to fit into other people’s idea of what adulting looked like. As a result I became extremely depressed and anxious. I felt unfulfilled, unhappy, unseen, unheard and misunderstood. 

And it hurt - at a soul level.

I started changing this over the years, as I learned how damaging it was to deny my true self. I finally reclaimed my right to be unapologetically who I am and honour my birthright after losing my 39 year-old sister-in-law to breast cancer.

Having worked as a health professional and therapist in hospices, I'm no stranger to death. But I know my sister-in-law left with dreams she didn't get to realise and this broke my heart.

Not long after she died, I had my own cancer scare. What scared me most, was the thought of leaving without writing the book that had been trying to come through me for years.

I knew I had no choice. I had to listen to my inner voice. Even though it scared me. #missionbiggerthanfear

Honouring the call to unfold and express my magic has transformed my life. Honouring my biggest #SoulGoal to write my book has set me free. It gave me back my voice, helped me access greater purpose, unlocked my creativity and restored my soul.

Even though life still throws curveballs and I'm not surrounded by unicorns and rainbows, I love and embrace it all. With grace, grit and gratitude.

That's what makes your life magical.

It’s never too late to start a new chapter.

You can start afresh everyday if you want, until you’ve built new foundations that are strong enough to support you in a more fulfilling way.

This concept may seem scary, but it will never be as scary as reaching the end of your life only to regret that you didn’t live the way you truly wanted.

And so with love I will ask you the question that changed the trajectory of my life many years ago...

Would you feel cheated if you died tomorrow?

If the answer is yes, please don’t get upset. It’s good to recognise this. It will give you fuel for your journey. And I can help you if you’re ready to make a change. 

This three month deep-dive journey offers a bespoke 1-to-1 programme that helps you to tune in, reconnect to your intuition and unlock your inner magic. 

It will give you the lifelong tools for overcoming fear and resistance and an aligned plan to help you realise your dreams. One soulful step at a time.

You will make peace with your past, boost your self-worth, uncover your SoulGoals, establish positive daily habits, learn how to bend time and reach the places you’re here to reach.

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How Does Unfold Your Magic Mentoring Work?

Unfold Your Magic Mentoring offers you a deep dive in to who you are and what matters to you most. Each session is intuitively shaped around you and the Magical Processes I share in my book The Magical Unfolding

Process 1

Unfold Possibility

Re-establish firm foundations for your future through powerful practices for busting through fear and accessing hope and possibility.

Process 2

Motivate Yourself

Overcome the biggest block to your self-realisation in one simple soulful step that will enhance & enlighten every aspect of your life.

Process 3

Assess Yourself 

Unearth the gold and magic you have already gathered and possess, to free your energy from old blocks that no longer serve you.

Process 4

Ground Yourself

Master the way to take the impactful journey from your head to your feet, so you can protect your energy and access more power.

Process 5

Ignite Yourself 

Learn how to drop into and open your heart so you can powerfully create an aligned life vision based on your core desires and feelings.

Process 6

Centre Yourself

Reconnect to the innate wisdom and power you possess through a game changing process you were never taught in school.

Process 7

Align Yourself

Uncover a powerful tool for realising your dreams and staying on track, so you never again wake up feeling behind before you've begun.

Process 8

Liberate Yourself

Discover your personal support practices and set yourself up for living more on purpose every single day. No hustle or pushing required.

Your programme incorporates visualisations, energy practices and intuitive guidance to support your unique needs. My work is heart-based, soulful and respectful. We form a partnership, where I help you uncover your own answers, using a blend of coaching skills, energy work, accountability and support.

Ultimately my work guides you back home to yourself, so you can tap into your inner resources and use them as a lifelong compass to navigate and reshape your life.

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"Thanks for being the most amazing mentor for me. In the midst of the storm of my life you held me and I will never forget that. My path is very different to the one I was on when we met and you have played a huge part in that. Love and light and a lifetime of gratitude Helen."

Lynn Palmer
Cranio-Sacral Therapist and Yoga Teacher

What You Can Expect

I will not criticise, judge, disempower you or lead you somewhere you don’t want to go. I will create the conditions and safe space for you to reconnect to the wonderful person you already are, uncover the courage to step out of the shadows and show up fully and unapologetically in your daily life.

+ Nine 1-to-1 bespoke mentoring sessions via Zoom (or in-person if you're near Malvern, UK) 

+ Audio recordings of each session for you to revisit anytime

+ 30 minute Wild-Card Call to use anytime during your programme or within a month of finishing.

+ Access to the Magical Life Mastery online programme to support your journey

+ Access to my magical toolkit of resources to support your journey.

+ Additional downloadable video and audio visualisations as appropriate 

+ Priority VIP email access and me in your corner!

You’ll walk away with:

Practical strategies to overcome stress and overwhelm

A toolkit of simple and powerful self-care energy practices that yield results 

The most magical, powerful and impactful energy practice I know that will shift your outlook, energy and journey right way (we’ll do this on our first session because it’s a game changer!) 

A personalised habit tracking plan to set up soulful support habits so each day starts and ends magically, no matter what happens in-between

A daily plan to structure your days so well, that you can bend time and get the important things done, without hustling. (Yes really!)

This work is powerful and liberating.

It will unlock the parts of you that have been buried under the avalanche of shoulds and coulds, and free your life force, energy and creativity like, well ...magic. 

If you are ready. If this speaks to you. If you can feel your soul tingling at the possibilities, click the button below to apply for your free Possibility Call, to explore whether we are a great fit:

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If you’re ready to...

Reclaim the one life you’ve been given, to live more joyfully and experience all it has to offer
Stop hiding, diminishing or wasting your precious life force on guilt, regrets and frustrations
Claim ease over hustle and stop postponing what matters to you and what you are here to do...

Then it’s time...

Click on the button to arrange a possibility call with me and let’s explore whether this is right for you.


When you click the button above, it will take you to my calendar booking, where you can fill in the application form and book a Possibility Call. I will confirm your call once I have received your application.

You will also see a list of frequently asked questions, so that you know more about how mentoring with me works and what to expect.

If you have questions that aren't addressed, please contact me here.

No question ever too big, small or silly.

YOU and your voice matter. May you always feel that truth in your bones.


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