Welcome to The Turning Point Project


Can you navigate life's turning points with less stress & more ease?

Is that even possible? And if so, is it worth it?

That's what this podcast aims to find out.

In The Turning Point Project Podcast, conscious creatives & entrepreneurs share their stories about how they navigated their messy moments, and emerged the other side.

Every week, we share one story about our discoveries, in the hope it will inspire you, give you transformative tools, and help you make peace with your process.

Even when you feel stuck in the messy middle.

You've got this. As have we all.

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Introducing the podcast

With your host Helen Rebello

"I have absolutely loved listening to the Turning point. What a great idea. Just wanted to say thank you so much for doing this podcast."

Sandra Wheeler

"Have listened to all of them and can relate to loads. Some very wise and magical moments. Have had a few "oh yes!" moments while listening in my car. Looking forward to the next ones."

Lara Kynvin

"I was very touched by your story, especially your honesty and the authenticity in the way you shared your experience with the listener. The sense of a turning point resonates with me very brightly in light of the capacity of each human being to survive and find healing. "

Karen Dawn Oei

Season 1

These inspiring conversations were shared privately in April 2019 as a pop-up community project. They are now going to be available here to all, with each episode coming out weekly.

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