Season 2, Episode #9 - Navigating Turning Points That Knock You Sideways

with Helen Rebello


“In chaos, there is fertility.” ― Anais Nin

Today's solo episode is my gift to you on my 50th birthday to help you navigate trying times and turning points with a little more ease. Even when they knock you sideways.⁠

At the time of recording, we are collectively facing the strangest, scariest time most of us have seen in our lifetime. And yet, there are always small glimpses of light and moments of magic to be found when you use some simple practices.

In this episode, I share 3 simple P's you can adopt every day without effort or striving. Use them whenever you feel the mind monkeys throwing tantrums or your butterflies fluttering in an uncomfortable way.

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More About Your Host Helen Rebello
I'm Helen and I’m the soul mentor for midlife women who want to do their next decade differently.

I am the author of ‘The Magical Unfolding: 8 Magical Processes for Peace, Potential and Purpose’, creator of ‘The Magical Process’ and founder of ‘The Magical Life Circle’, a group programme for midlife women who want to create more meaning and magic in their life and meet likeminded souls along the way.

I am on a mission to empower 100,000 women worldwide to fulfil their potential, which is why I developed the MAGICAL process; blending my eastern and western wellness training with movement, mindfulness, meditation, and mindset tools.


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