Season 2, Episode #8 - with Louise Miller

It's amazing what can happen to change your life in the time it takes to walk twenty paces. Especially when you have a visceral epiphany moment you didn't see coming.

Tune into today's turning point conversation to discover how the lovely Louise Miller lfrom BettyLou Online, started slowly changing her life after one epiphany moment she had whilst walking the short distance from her office to the kitchen in her former life.

Since that moment, Louise has slowly shifted and evolved in more ways than one. She has not only reshaped her life and work, but also learned how to tune into her body, access her intuition, lean into trust and create a business she loves that is thriving and helping others thrive too.

In this conversation you will discover how Louise's biggest realisation about productivity set her free, what tools helped her reshape her life and what she does these days to maintain balance and get the important things in life done.

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About Louise...

Louise is a Productivity Mentor who guides busy, successful business owners along a calm path to a more organised life.

She believes productivity shouldn’t be about cramming more in, but about creating space to do more of what makes you happy - in your business and your life.

Whether helping clients tame their to-do list, manage their time, plan what needs to happen in their business or overcome their personal productivity blocks, she ensures they find their flow when it comes to getting stuff done.

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