Season 2, Episode #6 - From Corporate to Colourful with Jennifer Cockcroft

Do you ever feel like life would be so much easier if you didn't need big 'smack in the face' moments to make you stop ignoring your instincts and intuition?

In today's turning point conversation, I share a fabulous conversation with my creative, colourful, delightful friend Jennifer Cockcroft, who shares how one such massive moment gave her the opportunity to follow her curiosity, indulge her intuition and start reimagining her life.

In this conversation Jennifer shares how as a result of her meltdown moment, she not only shifted her life, but also tapped into a way to create resources and support that help you shape yours.⁠

Listen in to hear Jennifer's approach to living from her heart and finding more colour and meaning in her moments. This is a  gorgeously nourishing conversation and you will come away feeling inspired and uplifted!!

Listen in by clicking below.

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About Jennifer Cockcroft

Jennifer is a mentor for people who want life to feel different but aren’t sure where to start. She helps by guiding you to identify the small moments that really matter to you, and figure out practical ways to bring more of them into your life, because she believes that starting with little changes can add up to massive shifts.

Jennifer is the creator of the Moments Journal which offers a values-led approach for mindfully savouring the little things, and a space for capturing evidence of how you want your life to feel every day. And she's also a writer sharing her daily musings on Instagram, new blog posts regularly, and has a wonderful newsletter community where she talks more about what’s going on in her life and work, as well as wide-ranging inspirations, links, and plenty of conversation.

Jennifer is a colour-loving, incurably curious, multi-passionate creative, who struggles to fit into a single box, but she's coming to accept that her multi-faceted personality and interests are what makes her her, and she loves that!

She's a dabbler in all kinds of crafts, a voracious reader, a word geek, film fan, believes there is a musical soundtrack for every circumstance, and loves nothing more than getting out in the woods for a long walk, swimming in the outdoor pool under a blue sky, or when she can, going on adventures further afield – her last trip was to New York!

Connect With Jennifer:

Her favourite place to hang out online is Instagram:

You can find more information about her Mentoring services here:

Or find out about and buy your copy of the Moments Journal:

If you’d like to receive her monthly Newsletter, go here to sign up:

She also has a free 7 day email course to help you discover the moments that matter to you:

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