Season 2, Episode #3 - On Magic & Becoming Myself with Amanda Cook

Do you sometimes wonder if you need to take massive action to make positive changes in your life? In today's turning point conversation, I talk to Wellpreneur founder, Amanda Cook, who shares how one seemingly heart-breaking event proved to be the catalyst for her to step into true alignment in her life.
In this conversation Amanda shares how monumentally her life has shifted since that day, as a result of trusting the breadcrumb trail and following her curiosity.

Listen in to discover Amanda's tips for finding clarity, starting her online business, dealing with fear and honouring herself and her ancestors. This is a truly magical conversation and you will come away armed with tools and insights!

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About Amanda Cook

Amanda Cook is an author, podcaster, ancestral herbalist and digital marketer who helps entrepreneurs to do well and BE well.  She hosts The Wellpreneur Podcast, is the author of the bestselling book Wellpreneur, and its take-action companion, The Wellpreneur Planner.

Amanda has appeared on Huffington Post UK, BBC Radio 4, The Sunday Telegraph, Natural Health UK Magazine, and MindBodyGreen. She lives in London where you’ll find her foraging along the Thames.

Connect With Amanda:

Instagram: @wellpreneur
Podcast: Wellpreneur

Resources Mentioned*:

The Artist's Way: A Course in Discovering & Recovering Your Creative Self by Julia Cameron
Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert
Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck

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