Season 2, Episode #15 - A Simple Way to Create Brighter Days

with Helen Rebello


“There are times in your life that stay etched in your memory like part of your soul has reformed itself around them. These times only later reveal themselves to be your catalysts and turning points – crucial signposts marking your unique journey through life. Good or bad, regretful or ecstatic, these are your important transitional moments; and ultimately they help you become who you came here to be.” 

Words from the prologue of my book The Magical Unfolding


Whilst turning points can be powerful catalysts for growth, all too often they leave us feeling impotent and discombobulated.

It takes a long time and a lot of processes before we turn the corner and realise the opportunity they present. 

The waiting time feels horrible.

What if there was a way for you to tune into the opportunity of turning points, without having to experience huge discomfort?

What if you could find a way to extract power from them, before they extract it from you?

In today's solo episode, I share a simple turning point reframe, that will help you create brighter days, without having to wait for an epiphany.

If you've ever felt like you’re navigating a lifelong turning point, you don’t know how to trust the process or you wish you could speed it up, this episode will help. 

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About Your Host Helen Rebello
I'm Helen and I’m the soul mentor for unfulfilled midlife women who want to shape their days and decade differently.

I am the author of ‘The Magical Unfolding: 8 Magical Processes for Peace, Potential and Purpose’, creator of ‘The Magical Process’ and founder of ‘The Magical Life Circle’, a group programme for midlife women who want to create more meaning and magic in their life without hustle and overwhelm, and make likeminded friends on the way.


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