Season 2, Episode #14 - Embracing Imperfect Enoughness

with Claire Maycock


In today's #turningpointproject podcast episode, I'm delighted to share a moving, insightful and inspirational conversation with you that will leave you feeling capable of overcoming anything life throws at you.

Recorded prior to the current world climate, my wonderful guest Claire Maycock shares her three biggest 'aha' moments from a decade long turning point that's been so tumultuous, it has to be heard to be believed. 

What she shares offers a perfect recipe for these times. Listen in to hear how Claire has overcome loss, anxiety, fear and perfectionism, as well as discovering the most beautiful definition of success you've ever heard.

This is a conversation that will touch your heart, leave you deeply grateful for what you have and remind you how to accept and embrace your enoughness. 

Not to be missed. Prepare tissues.

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About Claire Maycock

Claire Maycock is a writer, artist, and reiki practitioner. Based in rural Wiltshire, she is inspired by green spaces and ancient places.

Claire believes that many of us have lost our deep-rooted connection with the energy of the natural world, and that renewing our awareness of its gentle, seasonal rhythms is essential for health and happiness.

In time, Claire hopes to offer a range of healing retreats, courses and classes that will encourage you to rediscover your own creativity, restore balance to your life, and perhaps uncover some everyday magic along the way!

Sounds perfect!

Connect With Claire

Claire writes and shares her artwork at and can also be found seeking out moments of beauty on Instagram as @clmwrites


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