Episode #7 - Space to Breathe with Esther Nagle

In this heartfelt conversation, yoga teacher and writer Esther Nagle shares how she shifted from a self-destructive rock & roll lifestyle, to being sober and happy from the inside out.

Esther's turning points have been tumultuous, but have taught her to trust in serendipity and honour her own power.

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About Esther Nagle

Esther discovered the power of the breath first hand in 2014 when she turned to Yoga teacher training. Asthmatic since childhood, and with a dust allergy that meant she always had a blocked nose, Esther struggled to breathe. Deep self loathing led to massive self sabotage, and Esther ‘managed’ her emotions with alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana, developing deep addictions to all.

When she stopped consuming dairy products, her ability to breathe improved, and she quickly absorbed the lessons of Pranayama, the Yogic art of Breath Control.

As she learned to breathe deeply and connect mind, body and spirit through her breath, Esther began to discover other ways to manage her emotions. She was able to stop drinking and smoking, and has been sober since October 2014. Esther knows that controlled and conscious breathing is key to her continued mental wellbeing, and has seen the benefits of it in the people she teaches as well.

Esther loves to share the gifts of conscious breathing with others, and knows that we would be much happier and healthier as a society if more people learned to breathe better. Esther now helps busy women to manage emotions, reduce stress, and enjoy living in the present moment through Pranayama, guiding them with compassion and empathy to create their Space to Breathe.

Connect With Esther

Connect with Esther here: spacetobreatheacademy.com

If you would like to connect deeply to your breath, and learn how to breathe better, then the Space to Breathe group programme is for you. This powerful 6 week course will teach you to develop awareness of your breath, improve your lung capacity and learn to control and manage your breath.

Find out more: https://spacetobreatheacademy.com/space-to-breathe-group-programme/

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