Episode #6 - Follow The Whispers with Jenny Kovacs

Today's conversation is with one of the loveliest women I know, Jenny Kovacs. In this honest and open conversation, Jenny shares the raw moments and subsequent insights that have changed her life.

If you've ever felt like you don't have what it takes to trust the whispers when your dreams have been taken away from you, this is a conversation you need to hear.

Listen In Below...

About Jenny Kovacs

Jenny Kovacs shows outstanding people in great businesses how to be visible, make a difference, and stand out to those who are looking to raise their profile.

She is the creator of the Visibility VIBES™ system, a tried and tested method that helps businesses, organisations and business owners to promote their strengths through the way they stand out to the people around them, gaining them the profile they desire.

Whether it's a meeting, a promotion, or a presentation that's live or online, Jenny's methods will have you seen, heard, and remembered in the best way.

Jenny stands out; she has a gift for being remembered and loves helping you to do the same. From million pound Sales Consultant at Thomas Cook, award winning Training Manager in corporate roles spanning travel, sales, customer services, management and financial services to the entrepreneur who stands out, Jenny shines on social media and international stages.

After a career spanning 21 years, in training management and sales at companies such as Thomas Cook, Abbey National, Boots, Lehman Brothers. She’s consulted for companies such as Miller Brands and British Telecom, where visibility, being noticed and remembered was important for their success and sales.

Jenny left corporate life to work nationally to transfer these skills to entrepreneurship and well known organsations. Most importantly, Jenny loves to share these little known techniques with those aspiring to accomplish more in their professional development, to help them to raise their profile.

She does this interactively, while taking the stage live and online to present to audiences big and small.

Connect With Jenny

Jenny is a soulful, grounded woman who loves connecting with her fellow humans and sharing her insights generously, every day on Facebook. She has lots of free goodies to help you find and share your voice on her website too.

Find her at:

The Queen of Being Seen Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/visibilityvibe 
Jenny's website: www.thequeenofbeingseen.com 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thequeenofbeingseen 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GiftwishLtd 

Thank you for listening, I hope this episode touched your soul. 

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