Episode #20 - The Gentle Warrior with Kindy Kaur

My guest today is Kindy Kaur, who grew up straddling two cultures and never quite felt like she fitted into either.

She shares the turning point that saw her walking away from all she once thought meant success, and instead discovering what a successful life really means to her.

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About Kindy Kaur

Through transformational bodywork & feminine leadership, I work with conscious souls who dream of a better world, the gentle warriors, the healers, the new leaders. The brave, the compassionate, the ones who do things differently.

Supporting them to connect with the wisdom of their bodies and Spirit, to heal, to align with their highest truth and to build the inner resources to follow their heart’s calling and make their difference in the world.

For over 25 years I have explored our healing potential, merging science, spirituality and the body. As a molecular biologist studying cells and DNA to practising and teaching shiatsu, Eastern bodywork and ancient healing practices, I have witnessed that our body carries an innate wisdom, the power to heal and the blueprint for our Soul’s journey through life.

I offer Shiatsu ShinTai Bodywork training in the UK and Europe and also private Shiatsu ShinTai Transformational Bodywork sessions at my clinic in Nottingham.

Visit www.kindykaur.com to find out more.

Kindy's Invitation


A new world is dawning. Like you, I dream of a better world. A new paradigm. Can you feel it? But many of us doubt ourselves and have lost touch with the truth of who we are.

My work is evolving to empower the women I have come to know as the “Gentle Warriors” who are here to create this new paradigm.

If this resonates I would love you to accept my gift – the Gentle Warrior’s Promise and a FREE audio meditation to connect with the wisdom of your body and activate the higher version of yourself you KNOW you came here to be. 

Visit www.gentlewarriorsway.com to find out more.

Kindy's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kindykaurshiatsu/

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