Episode #15 - Tapping Into My True Self with Linda Anderson

My guest today is the lovely Linda Anderson, who shares a huge, scary turning point that made her ask herself fundamental questions about what she wanted from her life, and how she could move towards that - before it was too late.

In this conversation Linda shares incredible wisdom about how you can get out of your own way and start healing what holds you back. Not to be missed!

Listen in by clicking below.

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About Linda Anderson

Linda is a Business Mindset Magician and EFT Tapping Coach who works with heart-centred business owners to clear out those hidden blocks to marketing and sales that make you procrastinate, wobble on your prices, hide behind the computer and play small.

On her Big Leap To Success 1-2-1 programme, Linda works with clients intuitively at a really deep level, to identify and let go of any hidden doubts and fears, so they finally feel confident and congruent getting themselves ‘out there’, talking about what they do and making an offer in sales conversations

As a result they get more clients, make more money, and an even bigger difference in the world doing what they love - and don’t go back to paid employment just to pay the bills.

If you know you’ve been holding yourself back in your business, download Linda’s free Quiz ‘Discover Your Hidden Blocks to Money & Success’ to help you get clarity on where you’ve been blocking yourself and why, and how you can move forward:

Connect with Linda:

Website: https://www.tapintoyoursuccess.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TapIntoYourSuccess
YouTube: Linda Anderson

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