Episode #14 - The Unnatural Entrepreneur with Jo Casey

My guest today is the fabulous Business Coach Jo Casey, who shares her journey from burned out and broken to building a business on her terms and rocking it despite life's twists and turns.
Today's conversation covers mental health, hustle culture, entrepreneurship, mindset and all manner of relatable life lessons. You will come away feeling lighter, brighter and like you've been given permission to be who you are unapologetically - not that you need it!

Scroll down to check out Jo's Supernova Collective 9-month programme, which starts on 1st October 2019.

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About Jo Casey

Jo Casey helps coaches and healers get more clients without sacrificing soul or sanity.

She is a certified coach, speaker, trainer and host of The Meaningful Business Podcast. In addition to being British, slightly nerdy and allergic to the marketing BS in the personal development industry, she’s certain that succeeding as female entrepreneurs means violating every single message that’s been poured into us about what it means to be a ‘good’ woman (Don’t take up space….be compliantary….defer to others....don’t be pushy/bossy/too confident etc.etc.) 

In other words, we have to violate our feminine conditioning – which is tricksy, sometimes hard but transformational.

Jo specializes in helping service-based business owners do that self-development and unlearning work, get more clients and build meaningful, sustainable businesses without resorting to the dark arts or sleazy marketing tactics. 

She believes that we need a new way of doing business - one that allows us to create companies that are sustainable financially, emotionally and energetically. 

Jo has just opened the doors to her Supernova Collective, her 9-month group programme for emerging coaches and entrepreneurs who want to create business on their terms without burnout. Find out more here.

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