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“Magic's just science that we don't understand yet.”

Arthur C. Clarke

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Welcome lovely soul. My name is Helen.

I’m the author and teacher behind this site and creator of the MAGICAL Process.

I’m on a heart-led mission to help 100,000 women connect with themselves at a deeper level & find the courage to live and work on their own terms. 

I don’t believe we have to bend, break, shout, hustle, follow rules and strategies or push to fulfil our potential. 

I believe there’s a quieter, kinder, more intuitive way. 

A way we’ve almost forgotten because of the noise around us; but which nevertheless, we can all access when we know how.


Our world needs more soulful women* to open our hearts, identify what truly matters to us, and find the courage to live and work in a more meaningful, magical way that doesn’t compromise who we are. 

Many of us follow a female ancestral pattern of staying quiet and acquiescing that runs deep.

Most of us have spent so much time in our heads, we’ve forgotten how to listen to our hearts and see the magic in our soul.

We live in such a noisy world of nonsensical rules about what makes us worthy & beautiful, we've forgotten who we came here to be.

There’s a deeper truth:

The safe pathway you think you know, is the one that’s slowly depleting you.

The limits you think you have, are subconscious myths that keep you stuck.

And even though it's scary throwing out the rule book, stepping into trust, and onto an ‘as yet unwritten’ pathway back home to yourself.

It's the only way you truly unfold magic and meaning in your world.

My intention for 2018

is to build a compassionate community of like-minded souls, and share empowering resources with you so that you can take simple steps towards living a more magical, meaningful life.

Will you join us?

(No mountain retreat or omming required)


The #MagicalLifeMovement began in Autumn 2018.

The perfect time to bring together a gorgeous group of soulful women, introverts, creators and quiet change-makers who are done with the hustle culture & ready to live on their terms.

Join The #MagicalLifeMovement

Seeking like-minded souls, support, inspiration and a more mellow approach to uncovering magic & meaning in life? No shoulds in sight..

The Magical Unfolding book is released on 25th October 2018.

Written for those who wish you had a magic wand to stop the busyness, it will guide you gently towards living a life you love... in a way that honours what’s inside you, rather than what the outside world expects from you.

Other exciting things bubbling away...

Free resources, workshops, and my new Magical Life Membership Circle (like a virtual magical life journey for a small group of soulful adventurers who want to Do Life Differently).

All coming soon to help you create more magic & meaning in your life.. one simple step at a time.



You are the panacea you seek. When you learn how to master yourself, you can master your entire world. 

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