Live your life on your terms. No hustle required.

If your life feels like a constant whirlwind, you've lost sight of yourself in the busyness, and you're wondering what life's really about, this book is for you...

Modern life has endless stimulation, and a never-ending list of 'to-dos' and 'shoulds' . It can feel like Groundhog Day, as you try to keep up and get All The Things done.

This leaves you feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled and like you're never really enough. 

Not exactly the dream life you pictured as a child...

I know how it feels to be overwhelmed, stuck and lost in busyness. Thankfully, after breaking once too often, I learned how to press pause without the spinning plates crashing down.

In The Magical Unfolding, I'm sharing my discoveries with you, so you can work out who you truly are and how you really want your life to feel - even when you're running on empty, and don't know how to begin.

In short, this book returns you back home to yourself.  One simple, soulful step at a time... 

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The Magical Video!

Thanks to my lovely tribe, this video helped my book reach the #2 spot on when I crowdfunded it, attracting offers from 19 publishers! 



"Helen has written an unapologetically joyous guide to getting out of the darkness so many of us find ourselves lost in at some point in our lives. Her ideas and her writing bubble with lightness and a hard won wisdom that feels so genuine and loving. I believe Helen: there is magic to be found no matter what! "

Jen Louden
Best-selling Author of The Woman’s Comfort Book and The Life Organizer

"If you’re not sure who you are in the world, or you feel lost or stuck and want to change, The Magical Unfolding is for you. Perhaps you were hoping for a magic wand, but we all know that life isn’t that simple. Instead, Helen will guide you gently, with empathy and understanding through a series of processes to unearth your own magic. This is not a book of theory but, as you will read in her story, Helen has learned by walking the path herself. It’s a book I will enjoy working through slowly and will dip into again and again."

Lesley Pyne
best-selling author of Finding Joy Beyond Childlessness

"A deliciously rich weaving of personal experience and sage advice which will truly nourish your soul."

Rachel Elnaugh
Co-creator Source TV, ‘Dragon’ in BBC TV’s Dragons Den series 1&2, Mentor, Speaker and best-selling author.

"Becoming who we really are takes courage... and Helen Rebello has courage in spades as she models the paradox between power and vulnerability in the sharing of her personal story & experience. This is a book about the power of hope and possibility in the often complex journey of life. The possibility that comes through knowing your own true strength even, and especially, when you don't have all the answers. Helen's powerful storytelling & teaching gently draws you in to a deeper understanding of all that is truly possible for you if you are ready to make peace with who you are and who you can become. If you are, read on."

Sue Revell
The Mission Maven

"In a mechanized and dehumanizing world of material distractions, unnatural demands and unrealistic expectations, anyone who can bring compassion, sanity and magic to women’s exhausted and thirsty souls is a gift to humanity. Helen Rebello’s The Magical Unfolding is exactly that - a breathtaking and expansive work of love. Offering a banquet of knowledge and other delights from ancient to current world traditions, she weaves her personal story and time-tested practices into a manual for living. This is a guidebook, not a pill. Feast patiently, gently, slowly. You will hear Helen speaking to you. Let her walk you home."

Miriam Linderman

"Ever had the feeling that things could be different in life, work, or relationships? This book will lovingly, and supportively guide you there. This book provides the fertile ground for the most profound realisations about who you really are underneath all the thinking, worrying, and ‘shoulds’ and reconnect you to your clarity, courage and confidence. I encourage anyone who is looking to make changes in their life, but has felt stuck or held back up to now; this book is written by someone who wholeheartedly believes what’s really possible for human beings, the potential that resides inside all of us. Consider this book a delightful wake up call to the life that is possible for you right now!"

Sarah Swanton
founder of Happy Healthy Entrepreneur

"In her powerful book, Helen Rebello takes us on a magical journey. Written with a beautiful blend of honesty, self-reflection, and loving coaching, Rebello invites us to cross the bridge with her – from a life that isn’t truly our own to the life that we were always meant to live. With soulful tools, exercises, and guidance, she shows how it’s possible for each of us to embrace our lives and live them fully, each and every day. A must-read, for sure!"

Jodi Chapman & Dan Teck
Co-creators of the bestselling 365 Book Series

Thank You!!

This book is reaching the wider world thanks to the love and support from my amazing crowdfunders, for whom I couldn't be more grateful.

They are:

Imran Hakim, Andrea Pennington, Deb Bannigan, Sharon Noronha, Amanda Johnson, Amanda Green, Andy Butterfield, Aspasia Holley, Deri Llewellyn-Davies, Faith Canter, Francesca Green, Kate Burford, Kate Powell, Lesley Pyne, Linda Anderson, Tamsyn Hawkins, Tracy Footitt, Alex King, Alexandra Jones, Alexandra Thornton-Hopwood, Ali Hopkins, Alison McDonald, Angela Dellar, Ann Guiheen, Ann Brown, Anna Cook, Cheryl Fernandes, Xandie Fernandes, Chrisoula Sirigou, David King, Dhiren Patel, Elinor Whitehead, Emma Lonsdale, Emma Woodhouse, Esther Nagle, Gitte Winter, Jill Stocker, Jo De Rosa, Jo McLaughlin, Josie Wood, Karen Solloway, Katherine Biggs, Kerry Blaker, Kiri Self, Lara L’Esperance, Laura Wellington, Lisa Pascoe, Liz Fleming, Mandy Collins, Melanie Mackie, Melina Abbott, Mieke Tye, Nikki Creber, Nikoletta Malamoglou, Nisha Patel, Rachel Crooks, Rachel White, Rosie Slosek, Stella Tomlinson, Steph Smith, Sue Sims, Tamlin Watson, Trevor Hahn, Vanessa Williams, Zoe King, Alison Willard, Anne Wilkes, Cathryn Whittow-Williams, Colleen Lanchester-Raynie, Deb Rampton, Donna Luxton, Fiona Singh, Helle Mai Nielsen, Holly Worton, Liz and Ian Tustin, Janet Holden, Jen Marshall, Jo Taylor, Jools Sampson, Julie Budd, Karen Knott, Kathy Roll, Kindy Kaur, Lara Kynvin, Laura Casini, Lisa Nelson, Lynsey Pitcher, Marc Frankum, Marilyn Healey, Meg Lyon, Michelle Beach, Michelle Jones, Nadine Millin, Penny Goddard, Rachel King, Radha Upadhyaya, Rebecca Hope, Richard Kramer, Sarah Brandis, Susie Edwards, Tina Achille and Zoe Power


The Magical Launch Party

Here are a few photos from my small, intimate gathering of beautiful souls. A day full of happy hearts, healing hugs, a few tears, goodie bags, yummy food and bubbles!

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