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Why The Peaceful Rebellion?

We are incredibly miraculous, nuanced beings; but from a young age, our uniqueness and expression gets slowly squashed, as we unwittingly take on subconscious beliefs about ourselves and how to live life.

We get funnelled into The Matrix Myth - an outdated society paradigm that trains us to live from our heads, strive for goals and contribute to society's machine. 

As we faithfully follow the rules that lead us to the promised golden land of retirement, we disconnect from our hearts, forget life is to be enjoyed right now and we lose sight of our unique sparkle and magic.

We get so busy Doing, we deplete our life force and forget how to restore it by simply Being. We're tired. And we don't want to play this game anymore.

There have never been so many people waking up to the fact that something needs to change. There is a global need for holistic processes for life enhancement that are simple and empower others to live from their hearts.

We want to Do Life Differently

#ThePeacefulRebellion is my way of responding to the call

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”
Albert Camus

You Are too Bright to Dim Your Light


I believe life is too short to spend it living in overwhelm, striving for things without knowing why, and breaking in the process.

I believe until we fully inhabit the person we were born to be, we will always feel discord and stress.

I believe we are enough already - when we make peace with ourselves and our past, we find inner fulfilment.

I believe freedom comes from within - it is only by truly knowing yourself that you can truly become free.

I believe when we get clear on who we are, why we're here, and what we stand for, we release the potential to become unstoppable.

I believe taking small steps towards our dreams is the antidote to regret, depression and stress. 

I believe positive daily habits are the unsung heroes helping us unlock our most magical meaningful life.

I believe if we all learn to live our lives from a more aligned, peaceful, magical place, together we will create a better world.

We are the generation that gets to rewrite the rules of our female ancestors – and our ancestors are cheering and supporting us every single step of the way.

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My Promise To You

This is a time of women coming together to help each other rise up to new ways of being

We're realising how much untapped potential we have, waking up to the fact that life doesn't have to look as it does, and actively seeking new ways to live and work.

We're looking for things to empower us, give us better balance, more control, greater magic and meaning.

Having successfully progressed through the last half century to the point where we can have it all – we're now realising we actually have too much!

We seek respite and safe space.

Community, collaboration, calm, clarity, courage and confidence.

Hence this space.

A space I've envisioned for years, but which, as with everything in life, had to magically unfold in it's own uniquely imperfect way. And which will, no doubt, continue to do so..

Through this website and my upcoming book, The Magical Unfolding, I promise to honestly explore deep questions, offer inspiration, create nourishing resources from my heart, and share soulful solutions. 

Everything I share is based around the simple steps that have helped me to transform my life, from which I created the MAGICAL process.

This is ‘spirituality by stealth’ - a bridge between ancient and modern approaches to self-actualisation that helps you uncover who you are and discover the secret to living and working in a way that makes Mondays Magical again.

It's Time.

To Do Life Differently...


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