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“Magic's just science that we don't understand yet.”

Arthur C. Clarke

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Welcome lovely soul. My name is Helen Rebello aka The Queen of Mellow!

I'm on a mission to empower 100,000 women worldwide to live in a heart-led way that lights them up, so that together, through the power of ripples, we create a brighter world.

I don’t believe you have to bend, break, shout, hustle, follow rules and strategies or push to fulfil your potential. 

I believe there’s a quieter, kinder, ancient, more intuitive way. 

A way you’ve almost forgotten because of the noise around you; but which nevertheless, you can access when you know how to get still and present.


Our world needs more soulful women to identify what truly matters to them and find the courage to live in a way that lights them up, so they can radiate out their unique love vibes into the world, without compromising who they are.

Many of us have inherited ancestral patterns of staying quiet and hiding our true self. This limits our capacity to experience true freedom and fulfilment in our life, because we're not in full alignment.

We've spent so much time in our heads, we’ve forgotten how to listen to our hearts.

We live in such a noisy world of nonsensical rules about what makes us worthy, we've forgotten our enoughness and lost sight of who we are underneath the masks we show the world.

What I want you to know..

The safe, expected pathway is the one that’s slowly depleting you.

The flaws and fears you have are inherited myths and lies that keep you stuck.

And even though it's scary throwing out the rule book, opening your heart, stepping into trust and onto an unknown pathway into your future.

It's the only way you can access soul-stirring magic in your life.

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This site offers you magical tools, inspiration and support to shape your days differently. No matter what's unfolding in the world.

Free Resources

The Turning Point Project podcast shares stories from conscious souls, discussing how they’ve navigated life’s curveballs and emerged wiser and stronger. Even when life felt scary and they had no idea what to do next. 

Join The Magical Life Movement - a free community of like-minded souls who want to contribute to a brighter world & shape their next decade differently. Light on Shoulds. Soulful vibes abound.

Learn more about how the MAGICAL processes can help you shift and shape your life. One simple step at a time.

Explore the blog for accessible ways to reshape your days. New posts monthly. Words are my soul food.

Explore my YouTube channel for videos on mindful living, yoga classes and mindset shifts. Showing up imperfectly perfectly as myself!

Gift yourself a pocket of peace with soul-soothing meditations over on Soundcloud. The secret to shifting stress in mere moments

Deeper Dive Resources

Ways to shape your days and your next decade around what you really want. #lesshustlemoreflow

Take The #ZenInTen Challenge - the 10 day online journey to shift you from stressed to serene in 10 simple steps. Gift back a place to an NHS Keyworker too. 

Buy The Magical Unfolding book - embark on the soulful self-discovery journey for those who wish they had a magic wand to stop the busyness of modern life.  Get the Unfold Your Magic course with every purchase

Get more clarity, confidence, courage, connection and creativity. Recommended resources for shifting your life, as well as books I've contributed to. 

Shape your life around who you are and what matters to you with The Magical Life Circle - my introvert-friendly small group mentoring programme. Next circle starts 2021 - join the waitlist here.

More a secret online course collector?

Me too. I love learning and indulging my curiosity, as much as I love writing and creating. And I know I'm not alone!

I LOVE helping midlife women navigate times of transition to transform their daily life.

And, I know the best way to really help create sustainable shifts, is on an ongoing monthly basis.

So, I'm launching a membership site that does exactly that. I'll be opening the long-awaited Magical Life Academy in Jan 2021 and I can't wait to get started.

The Academy will offer you a soulful, nourishing monthly experience to elevate your life through movement, mindfulness and mindset practices and rituals. It will be based around habit-setting and also include access to Qoya, yoga and mediation classes. Helping you to feel lighter, brighter, present, empowered and positive. Not just occasionally, but as your daily default.

I first envisioned this virtual space when I crowdfunded my first book in 2017, because I know that offering a safe space for likeminded people to gather, is incredibly impactful.

If you like the idea of meeting other women like you and you've been craving something nourishing like this, join my community below to be first in line when doors open to founding members.

I'm opening up a limited number of lifetime spots into my membership soon! If you're in my community, you'll get the option to be a member for the life of the membership without ever paying a monthly fee like everyone else. 

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You are the panacea you seek. When you learn how to master yourself, you can master your entire world. 

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