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“Magic's just science that we don't understand yet.”

Arthur C. Clarke

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Welcome lovely soul. My name is Helen.

I don’t believe you have to bend, break, shout, hustle, follow rules and strategies or push to fulfil your potential. 

I believe there’s a quieter, kinder, ancient, more intuitive way. 

A way you’ve almost forgotten because of the noise around you; but which nevertheless, you can access when you know how.

How You Can Benefit From This Site

This site offers you magical tools, inspiration and support to shape your day & next decade differently. No matter what's unfolding in the world.

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Get Inspired! The Turning Point Project podcast shares stories from conscious souls, discussing how they’ve navigated life’s curveballs and emerged wiser and stronger. Even when life felt scary and they had no idea what to do next. 

Get Monthly Mindfulness Tips & Freebies - Join The Magical Life Movement - a free community of like-minded souls who want to contribute to a brighter world & shape their next decade differently. Light on Shoulds. Soulful vibes abound.

Get mindful living tips and learn ways you can apply the MAGICAL process to your life, over on my IGTV channel. Keeping it real since forever.

Visit my blog for accessible ways to access more peace and more mindful living. New post every month. Words are my soul food.

Dive into the video archive on YouTube, and discover simple steps towards a more magical, meaningful life. Old FB lives & quick tips.

Gift yourself a pocket of peace with soul-soothing meditations over on Soundcloud. The secret pass to shifting stress in mere moments

Deeper Dive Resources

Ways you can dive deeper into the Magical Process to explore, express and embody who you really are and why you're here.

Take The #ZenInTen Challenge - the 10 day online journey to shift you from stressed to serene in 10 simple steps. Gift back a place to an NHS Keyworker too. Click here to catch up on the live challenge from April 2020.

Buy The Magical Unfolding book - the soulful self-discovery journey for those who wish they had a magic wand to stop the busyness of modern life.  Free access to the Unfold Your Magic course with every purchase

Join the Magical Life group programme - join our small soulful group for the next Magical Life Circle beginning 21 June 2020, a LIVE supported 6 month journey with likeminded souls. Introvert-friendly. No hustle required.

Gift Yourself 1:1 Soulful Support - Explore how my one off Restoration Refuge and Unfold Your Magic Mentoring programme can support you when you need respite, reinvention or restoration. Find out more about how I can support you.

Movement, Meditation & Me-Time  Create your own mini sanctuary space at home. In-person sessions are on hold in light of Covid-19. Introvert-friendly online yoga & Qoya classes now available! 

Recommended resources and best-selling books I’ve contributed to. Get more clarity, confidence, courage, connection and creativity. 


The Magical Life Circle

This gorgeous group programme offers up to 15 soulful women a fully supported 6 month journey to explore together what it means to live more magically in a world that worships hustle.

If you’re fed up getting in your own way, know you're here for more, and you're ready to do something about it right now, this may be exactly what you've been seeking.

Combining the MAGICAL Processes with accountability, support, alignment practices, live masterclasses and a private community circle, this programme shifts you from where you are, to where you want to be without pushing or striving.

Expect mellow vibes, heaps of love, laughter, a touch of woo and a dash of science. 

When we come together in a safe circle, we can create magic in our lives. We begin on 21 June 2020.

Click below to find out more and join us...
Discover How The Circle Can Support You

More an Online Learning Addict?

Me too ;) I love learning almost as much as I love writing! Exploring & expanding on new ideas from my own place and at my own pace.

Which is why the long-awaited Magical Life Academy opens in October 2020!

First envisioned in 2017 for my book crowdfunding campaign, the academy is a mindful living monthly membership. It is centred around monthly mindfulness practices, movement, meditation and mantras that empower you to create more magic in your life.

Soulful self-led online programmes you can do from the #introvert comfort of home, are currently being revamped and will be included.

Join The Magical Life Movement to be first in line and get founding members discount.

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You are the panacea you seek. When you learn how to master yourself, you can master your entire world. 

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