In the midst of our lives we must find the magic that makes our souls soar






Want to master the daily art of living in a way that lights you up, without hustle??

It is possible. And easier than you think.

The Magical Life Circle gives you the framework, rituals, inspiration and soulful support to mindfully reshape your days so that you feel lighter, brighter, more empowered and positive about life.

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The Magical Life Circle

A 6 month journey where you’ll learn how to shape your days differently, without hustle or overwhelm.
We've been brought up to believe that to create more freedom and fulfilment in life, we must hustle, acquiesce, stress and strive.
This couldn't be further from the truth. Because this way of living leaves us exhausted, unfulfilled and unsatisfied.
The way to create the freedom and fulfilment you crave is to shape your days from your heart not your head.
The Magical Life Circle gives you a step-by-step journey through the MAGICAL Processes to do this, as well as the rituals, mindset shifts, soul strategies and community you need to live more in flow without fear tripping you up.

In the Magical Life Circle, we have the courage & confidence to shape our days around what lights us up.

I’m excited to accompany you on the journey, and can’t wait to welcome you into the circle when doors open again!

"This programme has given me exactly what I needed and I will be forever grateful to you for courageously leading the circle, sharing your wisdom and teachings with us all, attracting a wonderful group of women to participate and share their wisdom and learnings. This has enhanced and opened up my life to all kinds of possibilities I now know are possible. I felt valued, loved, supported and held in the safest space imaginable. Thank you Helen, you most wonderful soul xxx"

Deborah DLP
Beautifully Unfinished Woman

"I wasn’t sure about an online course or what to expect and whether I would have time and energy to commit to it. I’m very glad I did it! I’m more empowered, confident, making wiser choices with friends, enjoying being with my children more, having a greater balance in life, excited about new ventures and possibilities, healing, my creative works, my book, so much to enjoy, life is becoming magical again! "

Clare Roslington
Reiki Healer, Spiritual Musician & Writer.

"I feel re-energised! I have a more grounded, more embodied spirituality. This includes embedding an enhanced and consistent daily morning practice, a clearer and more aligned vision and sense of purpose and direction. I now have a deep inner knowing that I am enough - this has rippled out to a greater confidence, acceptance of my value in the world irrespective of my age or type of work I choose to do and beginning a real connection with the idea of being limitless."

Shirley Climpson
Energy Healer & Mentor

"I have an established connection practice every morning now, that I look forward to, as well as a daily exercise routine, that I look forward to. I feel there's more space in my life and I'm engaging at a much deeper level - as opposed to skittering over the surface most of the time ;) I feel much more grounded, peaceful, relaxed and finally 'in my body' for the first time in my life."

Linda Anderson
Tapping Expert & Mindset Mentor

"I feel lighter, brighter, empowered and positive! I have increased confidence in my own ability to shape my experience and a sense of self-love that has been absent for most of my life. I recommend this circle to anyone looking to create a deeper relationship with their own spirit, and a more self-compassionate approach to their life."

Claire Maycock
Writer, Artist and Reiki Practitioner

"After the circle, I feel calm, peaceful & have a deep inner knowing that there's no need to push. All I need to do is to be, surrender to everything that comes up & go with the flow. That's the most important transformation for me as I spent 50+ years pushing, so to be in a place of being is huge. I would recommend the circle to anyone who isn't sure who they are or what they want from life & are willing to do some work to find it. because they'll find out & in a safe place with others who are asking similar questions "

Lesley Pyne
Author of Finding Joy Beyond Childlessness

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