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In the midst of our lives we must find the magic that makes our souls soar

What’s the secret to having a magical life that lights you up, rather than an ordinary life where you rarely get to do what you want?

The secret is that it isn’t a secret.

You create a life that lights you up by:

Getting peaceful enough to hear your inner voice, so you can work out what you want.

Igniting your purpose strongly enough to use it to overcome your fears.

Honouring your potential by adopting daily intentional practices that keep you grounded, centred, focussed and healthy.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? So why are we so off course?

The trouble is we're so busy trying to keep up and balance All The Things that there’s never any time to put any changes into place. Or if we do, we falter. We want more meaningful lives, but the truth is, we're struggling to stay present in an accolade-collecting world that worships busyness, striving and acquiring.

We've been brought up to follow our head by those before us, not realising it can lead to us feeling like an unfulfilled hamster on society's wheel. We're time-poor and we yearn for something more, but instead of taking time out, we move faster and push harder, thinking that one day, we’ll get to stop and catch up with ourselves.

Hustle is NOT the answer. The old paradigm is broken and we don’t get what we want by moving faster.

This is why I created the MAGICAL processes - because the fact is that despite us having more access than ever before to solutions and information that help us achieve all these things, there’s a huge increase in stress and overwhelm in the western world as we become more disconnected from ourselves.

My role in this is to provide you with a clear pathway – following the 8 Magical Processes – and support to get past the overwhelm while you work on shifting your paradigm.

Living and working on your own terms and deciding to do life differently takes courage, confidence & conviction. It also takes a special kind of magic and is much easier when you don't have to do it alone.

One of the scariest things about a new paradigm, or anything new really, is the sense of being alone. In your old paradigm you had many allies. All of your friends and co-workers were just as overwhelmed and tired as you were, and there was a sense of camaraderie, of being ‘in this together’. 

This is one of those sneaky things that can keep us stuck in our old ways of being – the sense of community that we felt. This is also why shifting to a new way of being is a better experience in a supported group.

There is a new community waiting for you here – a group of like-minded men and women who also crave connection and are on the same soul-led mission as you are.

Imagine getting to this time in 2020 and feeling more alive, fulfilled, happy and proud of yourself than any year previously.

It's not easy being a modern-day soulful human, but this doesn't mean it can't feel amazing and even magical, with some support and know-how.

When I threw out the 'rule' book that told me who I was, what I was good at, and how I 'should' contribute to the world, my entire life transformed. I went from being a quiet, overwhelmed, unfulfilled people-pleaser in a career I hated; to living a peaceful, joyful, fully expressed life, with a purpose-led business that's evolved alongside me.

In the process, I uncovered a simple success pathway.

Now I'm passionate about helping others walk that pathway too. In this fast-paced world we need simple ways to get quiet, find peace and slow down; so we can hear our inner loving heart, and stop following the advice of our fear-led head.

You’ve got big dreams, and I want to help you reach them.

Drawing on my extensive training and experience in both western and eastern approaches to health and wellbeing, the circle offers transformational tools, mindset and mindfulness strategies, and guided processes that ultimately reconnect you to your core potential and to your heart.

Announcing The Magical Life Membership Circle

A 6-month supported step-by-step journey for soulful women and men who want to stop feeling like they’re on an endless hamster wheel, and live on their terms without hustle and overwhelm.

The circle offers an introvert-friendly safe space for us to dive more deeply into what it means to live a magical life in a modern world, and take small steps together to get to where we want. 

The Details:

The circle runs for 6 months, sharing transformative tools and practices from The Magical Process, so that you can really see, feel and maintain positive shifts in your life, without needing to change everything or retreat to a mountain.

*Yoga pants are optional.

We begin by pledging to do life differently:

  • Saying yes to living a more meaningful, magical life.
  • Throwing out society’s rule book.
  • Being willing to think outside the box.
  • Committing to living life differently to the majority.
  • Learning how to get out of your head and into your heart.
  • Embracing all aspects of yourself and making peace with your past.
  • And living intentionally every single day.

The Magical Life Membership Circle helps you build your life around who you came here to be, not upon who others have you believing you are.

Tempted but Too Late?

The 2019 circle is now in session. Be first in line when doors open again here.

Modules are formed around a 6-month programme, broken into 6 modules of 4 weeks each. There will be space in-between each module to integrate your discoveries and get breathing space before the next module begins – no overwhelm here!

Each module is based around the 8 MAGICAL processes introduced in The Magical Unfolding book, which blend mindfulness, meditation, movement and mindset tools.

*You don’t need to have read the book, all material will be explained as we go through the modules.

Monthly structure:

Week 1

Pre-recorded masterclass on the month’s theme with optional live 60 minute Q&A.

Week 2

Implementation/exploration week with relevant tools, journaling prompts and/or visualisations to help you explore the theme and access your intuitive wisdom.

Week 3

Live 90 minute group check-in with opportunity all week to ask questions, give feedback, get support and/or accountability as required.

Week 4

Catch-up - a whole week to catch up or revisit any sticking points, because life happens and we all know how easily you can fall off the wagon of good intentions when you feel behind.

*All live sessions will be recorded and made available in the online circle.

*We can connect between sessions in our own private 'Facebook-free' community, hosted on our own platform, so you don't have to be a Facebook user.

*You will have access to supportive bite-size materials, drip-fed over time, so you don't feel overwhelmed before you've even begun with a mountain of content!

To see a more in-depth overview of the amazing themes we'll explore each month, click the button below (no opt-in required)


"I hope one day you will run a course of this in person. Such a wonderful mix of useful, powerful and easy to follow tools and techniques. Utterly brilliant... "

Jools Sampson
Owner of Reclaim Yourself

"I loved how the course held the space for my inner voice to come forward, and for me to hear it. So far I have been using the exercises from day one and two a lot:) And I will return to the others again later, as it feels like there is more to explore there. The videos were great, and you transmit what you are sharing in a beautiful way. "

Inger Karlsson
Yoga Teacher

"I loved the combination of both videos and PDFs to prompt our inner inquiries. They were absolutely beautiful! You were really holding us through our exploration and it felt very safe and supported. In particular I loved the Taoist higher self meditation and the beautiful heart opening meditation - gentle but powerful processes."

Shirley Climpson
Energy Healer & Mentor

"I loved the relative brevity (so it wasn't a huge chunk out of my evening) I loved your presence and the content I loved being held in a safe space I loved being guided into taking time out for me at the end of the day I felt relaxed and peaceful after the sessions."

Linda Anderson
Tapping Expert & Mindset Mentor

"I so enjoyed working with you. You have fulfilled my every expectation. Now I feel new energy to work, create and connect with people. I can start to see small financial changes, but I’m approaching them with different attitude – still with gratitude but kind of without any expectation of more. Some of the inner changes are difficult to describe with words but I feel so different. "

Vendulka Battais
Artist & Creative Workshop Host

"You exude calmness & tranquillity and create a wonderful place where I feel completely safe to be open and vulnerable. You have wonderful intuition and honoured what I said and where I was. You’ve taken me gently into new territory & you’ve done that with such grace & respect for where I am now. I’m really grateful for that & especially that you haven’t used ‘woo woo‘ language which would put me off. Because of the work we've done, my self-belief is growing stronger. You've helped me to build strong foundations and I know that if I continue I'll keep moving forwards. You’ve helped me to connect with me in a way that I never have before & which is deeper and more wonderful than I ever imagined. I can’t thank you enough. "

Lesley Pyne
Author of Finding Joy Beyond Childlessness

Who Am I?

Meet your safe space holder..

I'm Helen Rebello, author of The Magical Unfolding, and a mentor to soulful women who feel unfulfilled in a world that worships hustle and busyness.

I've spent over a decade helping soulful women to unlock the courage to live in a way that lights them up. I am on a mission to empower 100,000 women worldwide to fulfil their potential so that together we contribute to a brighter world.

I believe we all have something uniquely magical to offer and we access it by opening our heart.

May your path ahead be always aligned with who you are, and may you find the courage to gently follow it.

Helen x

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