The Magical Life Circle is a 6 month soulful, supported, small group journey for midlife women to explore together what it means to live more magically in a world that worships hustle. Without having to retreat to a mountain. Yoga pants optional.


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"I am delighted that I chose to join the 6-month Magical Life Circle Program and be open to what might present. I have explored, discovered and nurtured what I did not know was residing deep within in my heart and soul, in the most kind, loving and inspiring of ways. I invite you to give yourself the gift of this Beautiful 6-month Magical Life Circle Program. You might be surprised to find new discoveries, connections and alignment in the most meaningful and magical ways too."

Deborah DLP
@beautifullyunfinishedwoman on IG

"I'd recommend The Magical Life Circle to anyone who is on a spiritual path and looking for support and practical ways to ground themselves so they can embody more of who they came here to be - all lovingly and expertly facilitated by Helen Rebello, and held by the energy of the group. We don't need to do this alone. In fact I don't believe we can ;)"

Linda Anderson
Mindset Magician at

"I now have a more grounded and embodied spirituality. This includes embedding an enhanced and consistent daily morning practice. I also have a clearer and more aligned vision and sense of purpose and direction. I have a deep inner knowing now that I am enough - this has really strengthened and rippled out to a greater confidence, acceptance of my value in the world irrespective of my age or type of work I choose to do and beginning a real connection with the idea of being limitless."

Shirley Climpson
Intuitive Healer & Mentor at

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