Find Freedom...

Freedom comes through managing yourself well enough to free up time and energy to do what you want to do more often... 

I use all these resources to help me visualise, stay healthy, plan my future, establish positive daily habits and keep track of my goals and intentions, so that I feel like I'm winning at life more often than I'm not!

*Denotes affiliate links, which cost you the same, but earn me a small percentage if you decide to gift this resource to your future self.

Journals and Planners

What you measure and track changes your life... in a good way!

Daily Greatness Journal*

The most tactile, beautiful resource I've ever found for better focus and organisation. Produced with care and love by beautiful people. My link gifts you 10% off.

Five Minute Gratitude Journal

Beautiful journal to help you focus on the good in your life, in very little time. Simple structured format based on positive psychology research.

Bullet Journal

This is the journal you want if you've tried All The Journals, but you're more independently minded and want to do things your way. There's now an accompanying book too!

Tools for Clarity

From practical to esoteric... take your pick!


An app that keeps your notes organized and synced across your devices. Stores anything you want and is easily searchable, so you always find what you need.

Angel Oracle Cards*

The cards I use daily to help me tap into my intuition and give me clarity when I feel stuck. Created by Kyle Gray, a VERY grounded, keep it real psychic yogi!

2Do App

An app that helps you track projects, keep lists, store your to-do list and off-load your busy head. It syncs everywhere and it's really easy to find your entries.

Resources for Optimal Energy...

What I use to support my daily wellness goals.

Feel Multivitamins*

Feel are on a mission to make the world a better place by helping you nourish yourself with ethical, healthy food supplements. 5% off with this link ❤️

BeWater Bottles*

It's no secret I adore these! I drink a lot of water, so love that I can infuse my water with positive intentions through these bottles made in Malvern. 10% off with my link.

Liforme Yoga Mat*

This yoga mat is an investment that will serve you and the planet. Made from biodegradable rubber, it has an alignment supporting design to ensure you don't hurt yourself. I love mine!

More Resources...

Seeking a more mellow approach to uncovering magic & meaning in life?


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