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Beautiful resources to help you establish a more mellow mind.

I use all these myself. They help me stick to my meditation habit, start the day well and stay focussed - which keeps my mind monkeys quiet!

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Wonderful Apps


Helping you establish a daily meditation practice, whether you're a beginner or not.

Also has stories to help you sleep and online classes.

Brainwave music created to improve your focus, calm and sleep.

Created in conjunction with neuroscientists.*

An app and a website, dedicated to helping you reach your potential. It extracts & shares the best wisdom available in bite sized chunks & masterclasses.

Wonderful Websites


Global online school with rescources and courses that help you find inner peace and reach your potential. 

Options include Soulvana - monthly masterclasses that feed your soul.

VIA Strengths

Focusing on your best qualities, this is a free, scientifically validated online test.

Discovering your strengths is a great way to gift yourself peace of mind!

Jen Louden

One of my favourite people I've met online, Jen is a coach who offers resources to get over your fear and get your scary stuff done.

Peace of mind through action. My kind of woman ;)

You've Got This!

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