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You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby. Celebrating Your Year The Wise Way.

Growing up, I was as much into New Year’s Resolutions as the next starry-eyed youngster. 

My lists would cover everything from dropping a few pounds and updating my record collection, to getting my qualifications and that dream job – with all the other trappings of the modern world sandwiched in between for good measure.

But these aspirational to-do lists can quickly morph into self-punishment, over-reaching and huge sources of stress.  And where’s the celebration for the year of achievements just passed? 

I’m all for looking forward, but let’s remember to acknowledge the ground we’ve covered so far.

These days I’m not so much a fan of the traditional New Year’s resolutions.  Winter is a time for introspection, a time to press pause, not surge forward. 

Today’s post is about what I do instead to get ready to greet what comes next.

For starters, I like to begin gently wrapping up the learnings of my current year around this time, late autumn, giving myself plenty of time to really let it all soak in.

As mother nature is leading by example, letting go of this summer’s leaves and tucking the sun into bed earlier and earlier, I feel called to do the same and enjoy some more quiet reflection time.

A gentler approach to ‘goals’

We all have goals, if that’s the word you like to use for them – if not, feel free to substitute it for whatever works for you. 

I certainly have soul goals to aim for, but other than that, my focus is on closing the gap, gradually and a step at a time, between where I currently am at, and where I’d love to go. 

Remembering that it’s all a journey and honouring the process, my focus is on gentle growth, not beating myself with the comparison stick.

Now I’m not talking about floundering, resting on your laurels or generally letting yourself off the hook.  The point I want to make is that we can make progress with flow, rather than with force.

If you look at your plans through that lens, how does that feel to you? 


My soul goals for the year ahead

I’ve got some big plans for next year!  This year I began teaching yoga again, in my local area, as well as giving reiki, shintai, shiatsu and cranio-sacral therapy sessions.  I’m loving being more hands on with people again, so a soul goal for me is to do more teaching and therapy in my local area and start offering workshops.

Malvern is a beautiful place with a real sense of community, and my soul longs to be more integrated here.  So with the fresh energy of 2020, you can expect to see more of me in my yoga pants!

Another work-related focus of mine is the second round of my Magical Life Circle, which kicks off at the end of February 2020.  I’m keen to reignite the magic of this year’s group, and bring on board my learnings from having taught this process in the newish online format for the first time.

I also had a big FOMO (fear of missing out) thing going on this September, when a group of friends from my Lightworker tribe headed out to the south of France for a five-day experience (a mix of training and vibing together), so I’m aiming to bring myself along to it next September.  It’s an experience I’d love to have.

Over to you

But this isn’t all about me today!  I just wanted to give you a glimpse into my end of year thoughts as a prompt to start thinking about your own. 

If I can be so bold as to give you a bit of direction with this – I feel it’s really important that your goals aren’t all about work or weight loss, two big classics from the New Year’s resolution camp. 

I mentioned three goals for myself.  Two of them are involved in my business; but the third is about personal growth, learning, fun and laughter in the French countryside, by a sparkly swimming pool with some lovely soul brothers and sisters. 

You’ve got to have some fun in there, and balance is essential.  So don’t forget to make those ‘soul goals’ a mixture of things that grow you (both spirituality and materially), and things that make your soul happy.

Happiness should always be on your list, every single year.

Allow me to leave you with a simple reminder to celebrate how far you’ve come, while you are thinking ahead to where you’d like to go next. 

We are all capable of amazing things, and even more so when we are able to take stock of how much we have already proved ourselves capable of.

You’ve come a long way, baby xx

P.S.  If you’re keen to get your 2020 on track in a soul-led way, then take a look at the plan for my Magical Life Circle program beginning at the end of February.

You’d be made very welcome – it’s a safe space ;)


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