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Why don’t we do the obvious stuff? The Magic of Simplicity

Do you ever look at somebody else’s life and feel full to the brim of well-meant life advice offering for them?

“Why don’t they just do X, Y and Z… then they could be happier?!”

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? It’s hard to watch people suffer and struggle, especially when we feel there is a way out for them.

The chances are, that while you are looking at somebody else and seeing their route out of the woods, somebody somewhere else is having a similar thought about your life. 

When it comes to our own lives, we all have a pretty hard time seeing the wood for the trees. What might seem like a simple solution for somebody else, doesn’t feel as simple to the person who is in that situation.

When you are living it, your vision is muddied by emotions – the key one often being fear.


We have been raised to live life from our heads, directed by fear and always looking to do the ‘sensible’ thing. Stay in that unfulfilling job because it’s sensible. Get married to the first person who asks, because fear says you might not get asked again. Don’t go travelling because your head tells you that a big gap on your CV isn’t smart. You know the drill.

But fear-led living isn’t the answer – not if we want to live a fulfilling life that lights up our soul and allows us to do the work we were put on this planet to do.

If you are one of the vast number of people who show up to a soul-draining job each day because they are sensible, but who also dreams of more, then I invite you to consider the paradigm you are living in.

Is where you are right now where you really want to be? And if not, what’s stopping you?...

Is it fear?

That’s okay! That’s completely human and reasonable, and exactly how society raised you to think. You are not doing anything wrong, and I am not here to give you a shouty, personal-development-guru-style lecture on taking a leap of faith that you aren’t emotionally ready to handle.

Of course, there is a whole industry built on that – but that’s not where I’m coming from.

I’ve been in the entrepreneur space long enough now to have had my fill of motivational speeches that tell you ‘what’ to do without telling you how you could do it, or without supporting your emotional needs to allow you to make a change to your world.

In the entrepreneur world there is a really popular saying, “Jump, then build your wings on the way down.”

This saying is built on the idea that entrepreneurs are brave to the point of being reckless – but only the bold can succeed!

*Cue a puffed out chest and a Braveheart-style lingering glance into the distance.

But here’s my two cents.

What if I told you that there is no need to scare the life out of yourself by leaping, wingless, into a chasm of the unknown. What if I also told you that you don’t have to remain stuck where you are either.

What if I told you that you’ve had wings all along. You just didn’t know they were there, so they got a bit withered from inactivity.

When we aren’t happy with our lives there is a very obvious route forward. It’s straight ahead to the destination of our choosing, taking one baby step at a time, and mindfully enjoying the journey.

It’s about pausing, being quiet for long enough to hear our inner guidance, and then putting the wheels of change in motion.

But if it’s so obvious, then why don’t we do it?

Because, lovely soul, we are all overwhelmed with the busyness and noise of life. We are all quite fearful too, just as we were trained to be.

The person you looked at and was full of well-meant advice for, couldn’t do the obvious thing, because they were overwhelmed. They couldn’t hear their inner voice because their fear was shouting louder, hogging their attention.

I would hazard a guess it’s exactly the same for you.

So what’s the answer?

We’ve been trained to believe that the answer to any problem is always some kind of action. Do something! But sometimes, in all of the doing, we just cause more overwhelm for ourselves.

Sometimes the answer is to do nothing. Not forever of course, but just for long enough to hear our inner voice. Long enough that we can catch up with ourselves, with who we were before society conditioned us and fear took the steering wheel.

Hustle is NOT the answer. The old paradigm is broken and we don’t get what we want by moving faster.

This is why I created the MAGICAL processes in my book The Magical Unfolding - because the fact is that despite us having more access than ever before to solutions and information that help us achieve all these things, there’s a huge increase in stress and overwhelm in the western world as we become more disconnected from ourselves.

Living and working on your own terms and deciding to do life differently takes courage, confidence & conviction. It also takes the patience to pause. It’s not something you can rush, it is a journey.

This month I’m quietly launching a beta version of my Magical Life Membership Circle. It’s a 6 month guided course to take you through these magical processes from my book, and support you in going against your ingrained drive to always being doing instead of feeling.

I think it’s going to be an exciting ride for my intrepid members who are allowing me to take them on their journeys. If you’d like to learn more about the Circle and what’s involved, then head here to take a look. 

I promise to come back and share many learnings from our journey!


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