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When You Can't See The Way Ahead, Try This Magical Trick Instead

It’s funny the way that sayings are born, and then the words become so important that we get caught up in semantics. 

For example, how often have you said or heard something along the lines of…

“I can’t see what’s coming next.”

“Looking to the future is too hard.”

“I don’t have a vision.”

Basically, when it comes to the notion of planning ahead, we have this idea that we must see clearly (like in the song), or have a vision to work on. We might talk about what the future ‘looks like’, or even make a vision board for ourselves.

These things are all great – IF they work for you. But what if vision isn’t the right sense for you? What if this idea is counter-productive because it distracts you from your other senses?

I’m here to suggest another way – just if you need it. When you can’t SEE it, you can try feeling it instead.


Let’s talk about grounding and centering

Actually… let’s first talk about how to know when you’re not grounded, centred, or aligned with yourself, as this is where the story begins for almost all of us. I say ‘almost’ as there is no doubt an exception to prove the rule – perhaps a few people raised to be nothing but their authentic selves, who thrive effortlessly!

But for most of us, being raised in a world where we are told to be ‘something’ means to make changes – and that often results in making changes away from ourselves, rather than stepping into more of our own power.


So, how do you know if you are misaligned or off centre?

You will likely be overthinking and overanalyzing.

You may also find yourself reacting to drama around you, and letting things affect you more than perhaps they should. If you feel tense, anxious, or overly reactive, then you can bet that there is an alignment theme in there somewhere.

The general symptoms mentioned above, like reacting to drama around you, is often a distraction from, or a mask for, something more specific or personal.

Why do I say that?

Well, if we walked around with the conscious knowledge that we had strayed from our soul’s path, we’d all be able to see the problem really easily – but we don’t.

When we are ungrounded and miles from our true centre, we often have no idea what is going on. Society (and the general Matrix of the ‘real world’) chucks a lot of distractions our way to keep us in check; going to our unfulfilling jobs, buying into big pharma, and generally doing what we are told!

So if there are distractions there, you might have the sense that something is off track, but you may not be able to see it.

So this is where we need to feel our way.

How to feel your way

There is a lot more magic in you than you realise, and the only reason you don’t know about it because of all the distractions of life. So I recommend beginning by dialling down your overthinking, as gradually as you need to.

Your inner magic, AND your connection to it, are something you’ve always had.

Beginning to feel your way back into alignment is therefore not about finding something new, but rediscovering something that was already there.

Let me just make sure that point sticks – rediscovering something that was already there.

We all have an inner compass, or a blueprint if you will, from the moment we began to exist here on earth in our little human suit. As we grow up, we don’t lose who we are, we just learn to fill a role, to follow the advice of our career counsellor at school, or to listen to the well-meant advice of family members.

But those other people, even our family members, are not us. They don’t have the same blueprint.

We need to get comfortable with trusting ourselves, as we really are the only one with access to our blueprint.

Take a moment to pause and gently ask yourself – what is in you that you’ve always felt but haven’t let out yet?

A desire to try an art form?

Maybe to work with your hands, or to write?

Perhaps you’ve always felt like you should be in another country?

The possibilities are endless for me to guess, but deep down you will know exactly what it is for you.

In other words, I don't know what you came here to do, but I do know your core blueprint lies inside you. Trust in that and allow yourself to experience it – feeling it if you can’t visualise it.


It’s a balancing act – Yin and Yang

As I often say, ‘the yoga pants are optional’ – meaning that you can take this advice in moderation and keep as much ‘real world’ around you as you feel you need. I’m not encouraging anyone to quit society and live in a mud hut.

Getting in touch with your soul, your inner compass, and your magic can balance very nicely with your ‘real world’ responsibilities.

Take the concept of Yin and Yang.

Modern life causes us to ‘live in our heads’ and focus forwards, rather than living in the present. We like to think our way into solutions and we tend to lack belief in anything more esoteric.

Our default methodology is to keep pushing until we feel the burn, because we think softer approaches don’t have results we can see.

Ooh, there it is again – the focus on what we can and can’t ‘see’.

We get so busy 'doing' that we have no time to ‘be’, and this very Yang way to live our lives on it’s own leaves us unbalanced, tired to our core and heading for burnout.

However, you can balance all this by including some Yin in your life. Taking time to ‘be’, to meditate, listen to yourself, to feel what you feel, brings you back to your core.

Becoming centred requires us to be in balance (using our Yin and our Yang together), get quiet enough to tune into our intuition, and be aware enough of our systems to course-correct when we need to.

If we take a balanced approach we can absolutely live from our internal magic, feel our way to our joy, and still pay the bills like a sensible grown up (with our optional yoga pants ready to come out at the weekend)…

We can have both if we can be patient with ourselves, allow a little time to get used to our new balanced approach, and if we don’t get hung up when we feel we can’t see the way.

It is safe for you to close your eyes and feel your way, remembering that your way was always there, you just got distracted for a while.

Can you feel it yet?
Welcome back.

Over To You

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