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There Are Only So Many Tomorrows


There are only so many tomorrows...

Not to scare you… but let’s talk about stepping up now, while you have time. 

The last thing I want to do for you is prompt an existential crisis… however, there is always a ‘but’. What I do intend to achieve with this post, is to lovingly encourage you to work with the time you do have, right now, while you can. 

Because too many people delay creating their ideal life until someday... not realising that sometimes, someday never comes.

If you're reading my blog posts, I already know something about you, whether we've met in person or not. I know you believe in real magic, the wonder in everyday life - or else you wouldn’t be here reading my content. 

Since you believe in real magic, and you know (I hope you know) that we all have our own gifts to share with the world, I don’t need to sell you on the importance of claiming and sharing yours.

Am I right so far?



I care deeply about my work, helping others to step into their power and live their most purpose-filled, satisfying, magical life.

I’m writing this post to not only inspire you – because inspiration only takes you so far – but to help you with a few practical suggestions too.

Does that sound good? 

Let’s start by talking about HOW to set a goal; one you care about and will WANT to follow through on. 

Setting goals from your soul (not from your ‘shoulds’) 



Have you ever tried to give up chocolate for lent?

It’s no fun, because for most people this sort of goal or challenge is a ‘should’.  We push ourselves into doing it, not because our soul feels called to do it, but because it feels like something we should do.

Now that I’ve cleared up what a ‘should’ feels like, and I’ve made you think about chocolate (*wink), let’s talk about the right kind of goals to pursue.

This will work better if you can find yourself a little quiet time and space, preferably in nature. I know what being a busy adult with responsibilities is however, so if all you can manage is two minutes in the stationary cupboard at work, let’s just work with what you've got!

I’d love you to get your mind as quiet as you possibly can, and start to feel into your goals, not think them. Thoughts will inevitably pop into your mind – just try to gauge their relevance by how your gut responds to them.

When you find a goal popping into your head that feels right and fits with your soul’s purpose and your passion in life, you will have your first mission.

Now it’s time to give that wonderful-feeling-goal a structure, some practical steps you can take, without ever drifting into the land of should, or moving so fast that you scare yourself.

Soulful structure



A step isn’t that far really.

But when you take several steps in a row, you can look back and see that you’ve moved forward.

So I suggest planning in a few steps each day, and using them like small strategic moves that keep you making progress, but in a way that you can handle.

I don’t want you leaping off ledges! Steps are safe yet effective.

My top tip is this: Don’t try to do this all from inside your head – your working memory has a finite capacity. It’s best to write things down; then tick them off, creating that winning feeling and sense of satisfaction.

If your goal is really huge and you anticipate it taking years to accomplish, don’t let that put you off. I suggest ‘reverse-engineering’ the steps you need to take.

Start by looking at the end result.

How many years into the future do you see this happening? Now work it back. How many years do you need?

Then chunk things down by season or by month. Eventually you will end up with a couple of little steps to take on a daily basis.

Stepping into your power

The last practical step I want to give you for following your dreams and achieving your soul goals, is to start feeling like you are already on your way.

Let’s take an example to give you more context.

Say your soul goal was to be an author and public speaker, sharing your teachings from the big stages and the bestsellers shelf. How could you start to feel that you are already on your way?

Feel that feeling by doing just a little today. Dip your toe into the water and enjoy the sensation.

If your goal is a big, best selling book, then your toe in the water is sharing some of your magic in a blog post. Or, if you were to focus on your speaking goals, where the future might be a TED Talk, your toe-in-the-water move might be giving a toast at a friend’s party.

Step in and through a small fear door today for your future self, remembering it’s a step not a leap, and get a feel for doing what you dream of.

In case you're wondering how you'll know when you’re really in your power – don’t worry. You'll feel it like a clunk deep within, and then you'll know.

And when you know, you know.

I hope this gives you something practical to harness your magic with.

If you have any questions I hope you know how welcome you are to reach out and ask away!

Comment below or come join my lovely soulful community on Instagram, my favourite introvert-friendly hang-out place!


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