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The Trick to Not Overthinking… Is Feeling?!?

The trick to not overthinking… is feeling?

Confused? Join the party! No seriously, we are a friendly, welcoming bunch, so come on in and take a seat.

We are all a little confused at times, and we are all – definitely – still learning. In fact the learning never stops, but that’s good.

I believe that part of being a spiritual person means accepting that our time on earth is all about learning.

So what I’m about to suggest to you isn’t coming from ‘Expert Helen’, standing on a soapbox and ‘telling’ you how it is. Please receive it with the spirit in which it was written – this is what I’ve learnt on my journey and would like to offer to you, whether you take it or leave it 🙂



One of the most confusing aspects of life I’ve had to learn and grow through, is that of overthinking.

I know I’m in great company with this! We all do it, to varying degrees, depending on how stressful the current leg of our journey is.

Being raised in society as little humans, we are taught to ‘think’ before we speak; think before we act; think before we do anything. Little wonder that thinking becomes the default! Of course there are a great many pros to thinking – it’s a rather essential part of navigating the world in a safe manner.

But at the same time, we don’t get the same training to ‘feel’ before we act. I think that’s a shame!

Feeling, or listening to our intuition in this context, gives us a huge piece of whatever puzzle we are looking at.


Grounding – your magic wand

The ability to ground yourself when the world is whizzing around you is an under-estimated magical power!

This is the very tool I call on these days when I need to make a big decision, or just to see (or feel) my way forwards on a difficult day.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that you stop thinking and rely solely on your magical wand. I’m suggesting a reasonable balance of the two for a rounded approach to whatever your day, or life in general, is currently challenging you with.

When you can think without overthinking, just weighing up a few pros and cons, and then listen to what your heart or gut says, you are much less likely to be steered wrong.

The magical part of combining your intuition or feeling with your thinking, is the extra dimension it brings. Your feeling can give you more perspective.

Have you ever noticed how when you think on something really hard for a really long period of time, you find it harder and harder to reach a conclusion? Even if you do make a decision, you’ll be so mentally tired from the process that you will doubt any decision you have reached.

The perspective that comes with being grounded and feeling your way can help you to recognise impending overwhelm and mental tiredness before it gets you and stops you in your tracks.

The ‘how to’ part

The quickest way to direct your attention away from your busy head is to get really skilled at dropping your attention down into your feet!

A simple visualisation is great for this.

Try focusing on the soles of your feet. If you want to get technical for a moment, aim for the acupuncture point (known as The Bubbling Spring), which is in the middle of the sole, just behind the ball of your foot.

Visualise growing wide, strong roots from this point, deep down into the earth. It can also help to imagine that the underside your feet are made of lead. Feel that heavy sensation and let it ground you.

If you want to go even simpler, just try walking barefoot in the grass, and delight in the sensation under your feet.

As for applying this to overthinking, worry, anxiety, or any other kind of head-based stress, it really is a one-size-fits-all rule. Whatever is in your head and needs your attention, begin by acknowledging the thought – ignoring stress or worries will never work, so make sure you start here.

The trick then is in not getting pulled into an endless mental spiral of chatter and ‘what ifs’!

This is where grounding yourself comes in.

Focus less on your mental projections of 57 possible different outcomes for one decision, and more on how that one decision makes you feel. Sink your mental roots into the earth and let your body start feeling.

Notice what’s happening in your whole being, not just your mind.



Wait, there’s more!

Grounding and feeling your way through decisions isn’t just for dealing with the difficult stuff.

It’s a great way to go about life in general, and to make sure that you are getting the most out of your days. Waking up each day feeling as much as you’re thinking allows you to be more present, smell the flowers, and live with more passion and joy.

We have been talking about this over in my Magical Life Membership Circle this month.

Our group is halfway into their journey now and making big leaps and bounds. If you’d like to join in with the next chapter of this adventure, I will be opening up the membership again next year.

You can register your interest here to make sure you hear about it first.


And for an example of the type of focuses I share, here’s a recorded live guided focus on grounding, extracted from this month’s Masterclass session. Treat yourself to a listen to get out of your head. No sign up required!

If you try it, promise to come back and let me know what you think... or should that be feel ;)


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