The Rickety Rope Bridge of Change. Fear, Courage & the icky bit in between


There’s no doubt that change is hard. When ‘life’ happens, we are forced to respond, whether we wanted that change or not.

It can feel harder yet to be the one initiating a change, as it tends to bring up a lot of internal conflict. On the one hand, we are considering the change because we can imagine the rewarding outcome for doing so. There is something that we want to have, be or do, and the price is to change, to do something differently.

But on the other hand, humans are creatures of habit. In fact most creatures on earth are creatures of habit. So it stands to reason that change is something we all struggle with.

So, what’s a human to do?

If you dream of a magical life full of flow, passion and purpose, but you aren’t there yet because you’ve followed the typical path of signing your soul over to a ‘sensible’ career path instead, then of course, the keyword is change.



There is no avoiding it!

So instead of becoming stuck by the ‘ickyness’ and anxiety around changing your world, it’s time to start reframing how you look at making changes.

When you can mentally reframe change; it goes from being confusing and unsettling, to being about chances, opportunities and momentum.

To put it simply, we need to shift our focus from the inconvenient parts of change, to the opportunity-creating parts of change. We need to start seeing the good in it.

What’s stopping that perspective shift from happening?

The ‘F’ word…

Fear is the worst of the ‘f’ words, in my opinion.


“A bit of advice given to a young Native American at the time of his initiation: As you go the way of life, you will see a great chasm. Jump. It is not as wide as you think.”

– Joseph Campbell


This says a lot to me about human nature. All across the board, whether we are Native Americans or City Bankers, tough and streetwise or protected and privileged – we have this problem in common.


We all see the chasm as a little bigger than it really is.


We know that the human brain is wired to protect us from harm, and fear is a survival mechanism. We also know we have more resources and safety features (plus modern medicine) than the early humans that we evolved from.

So to some degree, our brain throws us a little more fear than we really need to stay safe.

Now there is a thin line here. I’m not talking about becoming a reckless risk-taker, like in a Hollywood movie. So don’t run to the casino and put all your money on red, or try to fly without tried and tested aeronautical equipment.

What I, Joseph Campbell, and I dare say, the Native American’s are talking about, is taking one step further than you think you can. Question and challenge that fear just a little bit.

Do I really need to fear this for my safety?
Or is it safe to take another step?



I think of it like crossing a rickety old rope bridge. I don’t advise you run across that bridge, hoping for the best and throwing a lit match over your shoulder as you go. I’m simply suggesting you put your hands on the guide ropes and take that little step out.

It will feel weird and wobbly at first. So breathe, allow yourself to get a feel for it, and then you take another step – one more than you thought you could.

At this point you can check in with yourself – how does being a step or two out onto the rope bridge make things look? Do you feel a little bit closer to your goal?

When things start to look a little different, this is your paradigm beginning to change. And this, my friend, is HUGE! 

Paradigms and perspectives

Put simply, your paradigm is the lens through which you view the world.

It is your set of core beliefs about good and bad, right and wrong. Your paradigm covers the big questions in life, such as what we are here for, how much space we can take up in the world, and how bold we can give ourselves permission to be.



If you were born in the Western World, it is likely you were raised with the following rules in your paradigm: 

  • Go to school
  • Don’t be a show off
  • Put others first
  • Get a sensible job

You get the idea. And it’s not that any of these things are bad or don’t have a place in a new world, magical paradigm. It’s just that often we get hung up on having to do things ‘right’.

So if the paradigm you were raised in means you ‘have to’ have a ‘sensible job’, and that means full time employment… and then THAT means you can’t be self-employed and create your own business based on your passions… then you can easily see how a paradigm can keep you stuck.

This is why changing your paradigm to one that works for your unique set of needs, passions and desires will make you a million times happier.

In your new paradigm you will also no doubt have adult responsibilities. You will need to feed your family and pay the bills. You just might give yourself permission to do that in a slightly different way. 

Foundations – the friendlier ‘f’ word

Something else that really helps those of us on a journey of change, is to have strong mental foundations in place. Whether you come at life from a spiritual angle, or a performance-based personal development angle, the principles are the same.



A strong foundation is essential for anything that’s going to last, and in a really nice, reassuring way, it gives you that sense of being anchored that us humans thrive on – that feeling of safety and home.

If you have a burning desire, a skillset or passion and you feel frustrated because you're not where you want to be with it, you need to honour it.


By building up strong foundations first, then trusting that if you take small daily steps forward from there, one day you'll achieve what you want. 

Building strong foundations is one of our main focuses this month in the Magical Life Membership Circle. As our inaugural group is already established and making moves together, I’m keeping a list of lovely souls who might like to come on this journey with me next time around.



If you are curious about growing into your magical life with a group of like-minded people, and with me as your guide, then you can register here for updates when the doors open again.

Don't give up on your dreams, because if they're inside you, they contain seeds that can be grown by you.... all you have to do is decide to do something different.

For now, lovely soul, be gentle with yourself, but consider taking just one little step further than you think you can – always with your hands on the guide ropes.

You've Got This. I believe in you xx



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