How to Stop Worry (Using Your Very Own Task-Force)

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Sit yourself down, and let me ask you a question, because I'm curious:
"What comes into your mind when you hear or see the word Worry?"
My guess (and it is only a guess, but one based on lots of evidence!), is that seeing the seemingly innocuous word Worry, has created a powerful response...
One minute you're perfectly fine, browsing away on your tech, finding my blog link and then opening it ready to be inspired or entertained (sorry!) ... the next, your mind has gone whirring down the rabbit-hole into the place where memories and emotions live.. and you're feeling all  knotted up inside, because your bodymind has responded, without you consciously trying.
This is because Worry is quite honestly one of THE most common and unsettling issues that I've encountered amongst all my lovely clients.
It is also one of the most useless AND at the same time, one of the most powerful.
Worry has the power to reduce the most confident trailblazer to a mere shadow of their former selves - and scarily, this can happen in the space of a minute. 
The great news though, is that worry can most definitely be conquered. I know this, because I have done it.

Picture the scene...

My younger 26 year-old self (clearly very recently!) is standing in a room arguing with someone who has yet again, completely failed to see the relevance of all the theoretical impediments she has laid before him that explain why she cannot possibly entertain the idea of leaving the house and stepping into the big bad world.
In her head, these impediments loom so large and have become so real that she has virtually become a prisoner of her own head.
She is a Class A Worrier.
She is at such an advanced stage of Worry that it has become her default mode - except she has no idea that this is the case. She doesn't yet realise that all this could go away if she just stopped manufacturing it in her own head.
She has not yet met her own Worry Task-Force.
Luckily for her, the person she is with has finally run out of patience, and rather than pander to another round of Worry-Whirring Made-Up Reasons, he looks her in the eyes, and says:
'You can do two things with worry: you can either do something about the thing you're worrying about to change it. Or you can't. In which case, forget it, because worrying about it won't change it.'
Why he chose that day to say these words, and why it was that day that the words struck her so deeply that she never forgot them, who knows.
But that day, she embarked on a self-imposed Worry-Whirring Demon Banishing mission. And that day was the day she invented:
The Scenario-Building Police (aka Your Very Own Task-Force)

How This Can Help You

From a Chinese Medicine perspective, Worry literally ties your energy up in knots, affecting your Spleen so that it is no longer able to function fully, and you become lethargic and unwell as a result of not being able to digest things properly.
Our minds are not dissimilar to our digestive systems - we take in information, sift through it, organise and eliminate it, or we store it up for later use.
If we are chronically worrying, our minds get caught up in a circular thought-pattern, and this leaves us with less energy to process incoming stuff - and so our minds stop being as efficient in the same way our digestion gets sluggish.
In order to be fully present in real-time so we can deal with 'actual' things that are happening, we need to find a way to stop our minds whirring off somewhere else - where it is dealing with the imagined outcomes of things that may or may not actually happen.
This Scenario-Building does not serve us - it does not enrich us, or feed us in any way - and it most definitely does not change any outcomes.
In short, it is a waste of our vital Life-Force energy, and we owe it to ourselves to stop it so that we have more energy available to us to do the things that do serve us.
The answer is to retrain our brains.
We need to use the very same force of power that conjures up imagined scenarios as a force for good - and we do this by employing our very own Scenario-Building Police to retrain our awareness and stop the circular loop of worry-whirring.

Your Solution

I invite you to imagine that you have your very own Scenario-Building Police Task Force - who are super-aware, always present, and who will give you some kind of wake-up warning whenever they catch you in the act of Scenario-Building - so that you can Stop, Take Stock, and Return to the Present and Actual time.
My own Scenario-Building Police are quite small, but very fierce, and they sit on my shoulders.
Whenever my mind takes a detour down the Worry Wormhole, they sense the tension change in my shoulders, and they kick me sharply with their pointed heels to bring me back. It works.
Over time, I have retrained my brain with this imagined trigger - and for the most part, my Scenario-Building Police are on extended holiday..

Over to You!

What form of warning could your own Scenario-Building Police give you to retrain your brain? What would it mean to you to free up more mental energy and be more present in real time?
Choose one thing it would help you with that REALLY matters to you - that you know you're putting off because of Worry.
Tune into how it would feel to move beyond Worry - and then decide TODAY to employ your very own Scenario-Building Police to keep you on the path to realising that thing. 
I dive deeper into this subject in my upcoming book, The Magical Unfolding, as well as the free course that will accompany it.
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