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Self-Love Simplified - Making a little time and space for yourself

Okay, February, we’re ready for you!

January is, according to popular consensus, the month that feels like the longest one in the year – and all of the days can feel like Mondays! 

So February comes around and we all get excited, as we are that bit closer to spring. But then there’s another sneaky day in this month that can trigger us!  It is also the month of Valentine’s Day; great for some and difficult for others.

But you know what?  It doesn’t have to be all about couples – how about making things simpler?

All of the self-help books in the universe want us to know that love and happiness begin with ourselves.  So how about we actually start listening to that message and try working with it a little.  Now is the perfect time to start!



If you were to give yourself a Valentine’s gift, what might it be?

I’m not talking about chocolates, flowers, or box sets… I want you to think bigger.  What’s a really, really big gift that we all want more of?

It would actually be too ironic for me to just wait for you to figure it out, because the answer I’m thinking of is time.  We all want more time.

During our busy weeks rushing to and from work, we crave time.

During our weekends, when we finally spend time with loved ones and do a few things for ourselves, we want more time before Monday morning rolls around again.

At the end of our lives, if we were to have any regrets, it would probably have a lot to do with how and where we spent our time.

So how could we give ourselves more time this February?  How about keeping things simple and starting small.

Creating pockets of you-time

None if us are likely to discover a rip in the space-time continuum, or claim an eighth day of the week.  But what is realistic, is carving out little pockets of time here and there to spend on things that fill our soul with a sense of contentment.



Have you ever looked at the screen time log on your phone?  It’s terrifying how many hours we clock up by the end of the week, just scrolling through posts and adverts.

In small doses it’s a nice little break from work, or the long post office queue, or whatever we need to escape from.  But hours of it?  What if we redirected some of that time into something more fulfilling?

So what would you enjoy more than 15 minutes of scrolling? 

Maybe reading an article on a topic you’re passionate about. 

Maybe journaling. 

Maybe enjoying your favourite drink in a sunny spot.

I love the idea of small pockets of time.  It’s not an overwhelming thought to create just a little pocket here and there.  And what’s more is that this can work for everybody, regardless or relationship status, or what month of the year it is.

When we do start to allow ourselves more time for what makes our soul happy, everybody feels the benefits.  We feel good, and our loved ones are living with a happier version of us.



It’s self-love, Jim, but not as we know it

These small acts of making time and space for ourselves to do a few more things that bring us joy, are indeed acts of self-love.  You see, it doesn’t have to be big, complicated, or clichéd.

I think that self-love, at it’s core, is really just about remembering yourself.

It can be something as little as making your coffee in the morning before answering messages from your friends.  Or pausing at the front door to check you’ve got your gloves, before stepping out into the cold and rushing through your responsibilities.

It’s in these little moments that, by remembering our needs, we are telling ourselves that we matter.  It’s something we should do more often – would you agree?

Why not take a little pocket of you-time right now to think about how you can remind yourself that you matter, and enjoy your days a little more with some small pockets of time and self-love. 

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