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Less Hustle, More Flow. My Biz. My Way.

Hello lovely soul, welcome.

If you're new to me, I'm Helen and I’m on a heart-led mission to help 100,000 women uncover their inherent peace, potential and purpose, so that they can live & work in a way that feeds their soul.

I call it the #peacefulrebellion because I don’t believe we have to bend, break, shout, hustle, follow rules and strategies or push to fulfil our potential.

I believe there’s a quieter, kinder, more intuitive way. One that seems almost magical at times. Mainly because things show up in your path that you wouldn't otherwise have seen.

Which explains why I'm here, writing this blog...

When I was tagged in a Facebook post by my lovely online friend Sarah Swanton, inviting solopreneurs to share how they run their business in Judith Morgan's ‘Your Biz Your Way’ Blogfest, my inner curiosity said yes immediately.

I respectfully honoured my curiosity and committed to a date before my head found out details and tried talking me out of it.

Judith’s Blogfest coincides with the release of her book 'Your Biz, Your Way (Get it here), and brings together a wonderful tribe of business owners all bucking the trend and doing things their way. I'm grateful to Judith for her invitation to add my voice.

Without this imperfectly timed opportunity, I probably wouldn't be blogging again for some time, so I'm happy we connected and I said yes to my curiosity.

I say yes a lot these days when things feel aligned with who I am and what I stand for; even when I'm not quite 'ready' because I don't have all the pieces in place.

I say 'feels' deliberately; because I've learned that feelings arise from a deeply instinctual place. They can therefore be trusted to serve your best needs, much more than your 'seek accolades, collect data, or run from fear' head can.

This is ultimately how I run my biz my way nowadays.

I used to do a lot of things I felt I 'should' in relation to my business and my life, until I learned how to do things in a heart-led way that honours me. It's been a long process, but this is the only way I can access the deeply sustainable energy I need to create my business my way.

I'm an introvert creator and after a lifetime of people-pleasing, I now live life and run my business according to what my heart says yes and no to.

My lovely husband and I relocated from Essex to the beautiful Malvern Hills in the UK not so long ago, because we both wanted to change our businesses and our life. Left to my own devices, I'd now spend all my time immersed in creating soulful resources and writing, whilst cosied up in our Georgian apartment.

Doing this however, is a bit like hovering at the edges of a beautiful, but slightly too cold sea, and never discovering the delicious sensation of being held and supported by the big body of water.

I've learned that in order to thrive in my business, I need to say yes to the 'right' opportunities. Even if it means putting on shoes and meeting people!

Committing to a yes from your heart is one of the best ways to get things done that might otherwise have languished - because you follow your immediate instinct with heartfelt action.

It's also a great way to get over yourself - when you say yes from your heart, you show up and serve something bigger than you - even if it scares you.

Solopreneurs don't go into business to serve their Ego after all - they go into business because they care deeply about serving others and leaving the world a better place than they found it.

Because I said yes to the BlogFest, this is the first post on my brand new, 'not quite ready yet' website.

It probably isn't the first post my inner perfectionist would have chosen - but because I trust my instincts more than my logic, I'm posting it anyway. Hopefully it will prove to be the perfect post for just one person reading it - which shares another very important aspect of my business approach.

If I inspire, lovingly nudge, or give a sense of 'thank goodness it's not just me' reassurance to just one person with everything I share, I'm happy.

You never know whose heart you might light up when you show up as your imperfectly perfect, not quite ready self. And you never know what positive ripples will spread out from there.

If you're anything like me, you never feel truly ready. In fact, ready is an illusion marketeers sell you.

These days I'm learning to adopt the 'act as if' principle in my business - it's incredible how powerfully this shifts you. It's like a magic combination:

faith+action = momentum & mindset shift. No waiting to be ready required!

 In truth, I believe the old business 'rule book' is flawed.

You can collect accolades and show up dressed like a grown up and still feel empty inside. You can apply successful strategies, earn '6 figures' and still have no clue who you are or what fulfils you. You could build a business that others think is amazing - and burn out before you're 40.

Life's too short to spend it heading towards someone else's idea of a perfect destination.

I made a commitment to myself a couple of years back to follow my heart down paths that scared me, rather than listening to my head telling me to learn All The Things.

I don't like the energy of urgency or lack that results in striving from your head. It doesn't suit me or my personality - and when you try doing things that are wrong for you, your energy gets sucked up on all the wrong things.

It's not easy to honour internal nudges that make no sense and do what scares you, but the inner voice won't be quiet until you do.

For me, life and business are so intertwined that I can't honour one thing without honouring the other.

I've deconstructed my entire business in the last two years because I had to find a way to build new foundations based on what I truly love doing, my zone of genius, and how I best serve others, whilst also serving myself.

Not easy - but essential if I want to feel good in my life and work. It's a leap of faith - but one I'm willing to make.

Being a solopreneur is a bit like leaving behind the familiar hamster wheel of society's status quo, and instead climbing aboard a constantly evolving, ever-shifting roller-coaster.

It's a crazy ride and to come out the other side intact, you need trust, belief and strong foundations.

You have to get to know yourself intimately, identify what you truly want from your life, and uncover an inner Why that gives you the fuel to keep going, even when your way forward seems totally blocked and unclear.

Then you identify practical stepping stones from your head that support your vision, and you make decisions from your heart, not your Ego.

For example, because I'm creative, I know I struggle with processes - which can make it challenging to finish things!

Therefore I design my days intentionally to accommodate my energy flow, and I set up daily self-accountability and weekly reviews. This gives me a structured framework within which I can be more fluid.

It's a work in progress, but when I track what I'm doing, and start my day the right way, I move with ease towards my desired outcomes.

My business might not look like someone else's idea of a business.

But it's mine - and I trust that my vision will unfold in it's own way.

When you follow the breadcrumb trail your heart shows you, serendipitous events occur, the perfect people show up to teach you exactly what you need to learn, and you astonish yourself with what you're actually capable of.

This gives you courage to show up fully as who you really are - which has been my biggest shift to date.

I no longer care about not being perfect, it doesn't matter that I don't have a huge list, my new website isn't quite finished and my business plan is organic.

People want to see real people, not polished ones.

Which is good, because being the real me is the easiest thing in the world now I've let go of who I thought I 'should' be.

In essence, what my approach comes down to is this: Less hustle, more flow. It's the only way I now know!

If you like my approach, and you're curious about living and working in a way that feeds your soul, join my soulful tribe below.

The BlogFest conversation continues over here..

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