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How to Ground Yourself and Find Calm During a Crisis


Stop the world, I wanna get off… maybe just for 10 minutes or so?

It’s a real jungle out there at the moment, and perhaps you are feeling more overwhelmed than ever before.

Me too!

I hope that, like me, you are at least taking comfort in the fact that the whole world is in this together, and nobody is completely alone in our current predicament. 

There isn’t a soul alive who wouldn’t know what you meant if you talked about your struggles right now.  Everything we hold dear, from our health to our economic stability is affected, and that’s no small pill to swallow.

So I’m not for a moment minimising what we each are facing – but I am here to take your anxiety down a notch.  Today I want to give you some simple and practical steps that you can take to find a little stillness inside.

When we are still, we are able to hear our internal guidance better.  Then the screeching of our monkey mind softens, and the knowing of our soul can be heard.


Do you want to know a secret?

I believe we are going to be alright on the other side of this.  We just need to be resilient through the changes ahead – and stillness is a great guide for this.

Being still, in my definition at least, isn’t about being rigid or stubbornly stuck in one spot.  It’s the kind of still that you might witness in a tree.  The roots are firmly grounded, but the branches are free to bend with strong winds.  Old, decaying leaves are shed, and new growth comes through when it’s time to do so.

Do you know what I mean?  You can be grounded, or rooted, without being so rigid or brittle that you break.  You can bend, grow and change with the world around you. 

Are you ready to give this a try?  Let’s find you some stillness, a little step at a time…

Step 1 – Write your own definition of what stillness or being grounded is

If you are feeling hectic and anxious right now, then the idea of finding any sort of Zen might seem as impossible as an advanced yoga class, complete with gravity-defying headstands and endless circular breathing.

But you can breathe easy here!

That magical point of stillness, where your monkey mind goes quiet, is a little different for everyone.  That is to say it’s a personal experience – so define what it is for you.

If yours happens to be yoga headstands, then rock on and Namaste.  But for most of us, it will be having a cup of tea far, far away from our electronic devices, laden with bad news as they currently are.  It will be moments of bird song and sunlight through the window.  It will be those instances when your intuition breaks through the static and reminds you that you will be just fine. 

Let those moments in.


Step 2 – Revisit a happy memory

Think of a time that really warmed your heart – something simple or silly will do.  Now hold it…

Where were you?  What can you see, feel and smell?  Really get into that memory, and experience the good feelings. 

When the world is hectic, some of us tend to numb out and stop feeling things – the good stuff included.  It’s important to let yourself feel happiness and joy.

You can take this a step further by placing your hands on your belly and breathing deeply into your hands once or twice, as you truly savour the memories and the moment in your mind.


Step 3 – Take off your shoes 

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, or able to do this on a trip outdoors, then take of your shoes and walk on some grass.

There is something magical about feeling the earth beneath your feet.  It ‘s the sort of mindful experience that grounds you literally, as well as mentally.

Take some deep breaths and don’t rush  - this is an experience.

Remind yourself that whatever else is happening in the world, the earth is still under your feet.


Step 4 – Find flow in an activity

Now more than ever, we are likely to get that dark sense of ‘what’s the point’ – and that’s a horrible place to find yourself.

Whether you are busily working from home, fulfilling a Keyworker role, or at home with no work currently, there is always a sense of joyful purpose to be found in a flow state activity.

Much like how your form of stillness will be personal to you, as mentioned in step one - your flow state activity will be personal to you.

If you are a writer at heart, then for you, getting into your groove with a blog post or journal entry will bring that sense of flow for you.  If you are a dancer, then flow will come through moving freely to music…

Flow is that sense of time stopping that comes from pursuing an activity that we are gifted at.  We all have something (or a few things) that come naturally to us, and just feel great to do.

This is THE POINT, should you find yourself asking what the point is.  The point is to be joyfully purposeful – that’s the essence of a happy human!


A step beyond – getting off the merry-go-round for ten minutes a day

Would you like to ensure you are getting still, grounded and present on a daily basis with some help from me?

In a response to the very apparent need for this, I’m offering my online #ZenInTen Challenge at a price barely over cost, with the option to pay a place forward to an NHS Keyworker too.

I’m not wanting to use this situation as a marketing tool; I simply want to help in a practical way, as I’m sure many of you do too.



So I’d love to invite you on a transformational journey over 11 days (giving you a break in the middle of the 10 day challenge – this is important too).  You will come away with ten simple tools you can use to start each day focused and calm, one simple step at a time.

I've run this challenge live three times now and it never fails to amaze me how a simple 10 day challenge can shift stress and create more ease and serenity.

If this speaks to you, then take a look here for all the details and to enrol.

And if you have a burning question that you think I can help with, do reach out to me on social media and ask away.

Stay safe, and remember to ‘be more tree’!


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