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How to Avoid Overwhelm in January - Embrace Your Cave!

Calling all Jaded January Peeps!

This post is for you if you currently feel like you would rather put your head back under the duvet than ever read another upbeat January social media post again!
Do you remember when you could just breeze joyfully through Christmas, have an exciting New Year's Eve, and then spend time quietly planning your year ahead? Cozied up at home with your loved ones, with few distractions from the outside world because everyone else was doing the same?
Do you recall life before you got sucked into the world of being always 'switched-on' and 'plugged-in' to your tech? 
That very same tech, which is now screaming at you to PLAN and IMPROVE and SET RESOLUTIONS because it's January?! (Sorry for shouting - I got over-excited because I fully recognise the irony that I am offering this guidance using tech!!)
Whilst there are some utterly wonderful resources out there, with truly amazing people offering heart-felt support and wisdom to help us find space and improve our lives, at this time of year it can be really overwhelming to be on the receiving end of so many well-intentioned (albeit awesome) people.
Your list of what you feel you 'should' be doing can get so HUGE that you soon lose track of all priorities, as your inner knowing voice gets drowned out by the external noise.
All those well-intentioned resolutions you set on 1st January can start falling by the wayside, as your life-force energy gets diverted into self-criticism rather than self-evolution.

So today I invite you to reverse this by gifting yourself a few moments of calm.

No shoulds in sight.

The following free audio will help you access a restorative Pocket of Peace. No strings attached. No sign-up required.

Because sometimes you need permission to do something simple.

Press the orange arrow to play the track.

You can download and save it to your chosen device by clicking the downwards arrow

And breathe....

It's all good.
When your energy rises again in Spring, you can move ahead with your intentions and goals for the year ahead - perfect timing for your new shoots to grow and thrive.
But for now, let go and allow yourself time to just be.
Maybe after you listen you can get a warm drink to nourish your kidney energy (Chai Latte anyone?!), find a cosy corner, and let yourself rest.

Over to You

If you feel drawn to, let me know below how you intend to conserve your energy this winter - after you've had a good rest and drunk your cuppa of course! And only if you want to.
No shoulds here.

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