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Embodying Your Soul Goals - Feeling and Being Over Doing

Our goals are funny things. 

There is a side to them that feels SO exciting and freeing.  And then there's another side that feels heavy, responsible and constraining. Especially if you're a creative soul, who can struggle to reconcile both brain hemispheres, so that they actually make their dreams a reality #askmehowIknow

So what’s a dreamer to do?

At this time of year we are inundated with ‘how-to’ articles on goal setting and nudges from social media.  And while a little motivation is great, a lot of motivating material can quickly lead to overwhelm, as we stop trusting ourselves and start thinking about all the 'Shoulds'.

So I’d like to suggest two things. 

Firstly, give yourself permission to not make long lists and hustle after goals you'll need two lifetimes to achieve. 

And secondly, with a shorter list of Soul Goals (rather than a long list of arbitrary stuff), try a hustle-free approach.

And what might a hustle-free approach look like?  Hmm… I think it might be better to ask what it feels like.



Humour me for a moment…

My power word for 2020 is ‘embodiment’. 

I want to truly embody more of what my soul cares about, not just write lists about it or visualise it in my near future. 

Lists and visualisations definitely have their place, but I feel that embodying the feeling of being where we want to be is the more peaceful path to that goal.

Universal laws… maybe

If you ascribe to the Law of Attraction (and you don’t have to as yoga pants are always optional), then you will have heard or read the theory about embodying and matching the vibration of where you want to be.

Whether you believe this is down to universal vibrations, ancient laws, or simply that being positive creates more positive opportunity for you; you’ve no doubt seen this play out in your life at some point.

By the way, if you are not at all into the Law of Attraction and believe that positivity is just common sense, then Prof. Richard Wiseman’s book The Luck Factor is right up your street.

And if you do believe in the power of universal laws, then this book will give you another angle to present to your skeptical family members over the dinner table the next time they mock your beliefs.  It’s a really good read too.

But back to the topic at hand – let’s talk about how to embody those soul goals and radiate the vibration of where you want to be.



Don’t dream it, be it

Do you remember the Rocky Horror picture show?  Frank N Furter’s famous line, “Don’t dream it, be it” resonated with me so deeply, and at the time I didn’t quite have the terminology to express why.  But he was so right. 

You need to be in it, to live it and feel it, or ultimately it is only a nice dream.

Dreams are great, but sometimes a little sad to wake up from if your daytime life isn’t making you happy. Have you experienced that sadness too?  So taking small steps to embody the feeling of where you want to be will help you on so many levels.

- You will feel happier right off the bat.

- You will be ‘in it’, doing things to get you where you want to go.

- The universe (or whatever you believe in) will be matching your vibration and presenting you with more of the opportunities that you want.

One small soul-led step at a time

So in practical terms, what am I talking about? 

Well, let’s take a typical example.  Let’s say you work in corporate land but your Soul Goal is to run your own Reiki practice.  These two worlds are poles apart, and your initial thought might be that it’s a scary leap from one place to the other. 

But taking a small step and really embodying it is much gentler.

What if you spend one evening per week training in Reiki, or giving Reiki to clients? 

What if you allowed yourself to embody that role slowly, allowing your vibration to be where you want it to be, even if that’s just for one evening per week?

As you gradually dip a toe in the water, more clients, opportunities and connections appear.  Eventually, that big leap from corporate won’t feel so big, but more of a gradual transition than a life-and-limb-risking feat.  (By the way, this theory is demonstrated with qualitative-style evidence in Prof. Wiseman’s book.)



To give you a personal example of my own, one of my Soul Goals for this year is to learn Qoya, which is a movement-based practice.

It’s not a million miles from yoga, but has elements of dance and is all about tapping into the body’s wisdom. 

It called to me the minute I saw the word in a comment on a blog post, and as I followed the breadcrumb trail, it sounded to me like a perfect way to embody more flow and self-love.

I started small, by exploring free videos. And then I took another small step, which was to do a class when the opportunity arose - where I loved it so much it made me cry!

So I am both going to be embodying more of the flow and the good stuff, and embodying the Soul Goal of embodiment, if you like!

I’m saying this to make the point that dreams are great, but there is no substitute for feeling and being present in the moment yourself. 

While you are immersed in something that makes your soul soar, you will be mindful and in the moment, which is another great way to make sure you are not doing too much or overwhelming yourself.

Whatever you decide to focus on this year, I hope you can slow down enough and give yourself the permission to be present for it.  This time of year, when we are in winter and looking forward to spring, is not a time for pushing ourselves hard. 

It’s a time for self-nurturing – so please remember to be kind to yourself and respect your individual needs. 

Small, mindful steps will get you where you want to go.


Speaking of which...

Would you like the energy to do the things that bring you joy and to end each day with a smile on your face, no matter what the day sends your way?

Midlife is a time when you realise that you’re closer to the end than you are to the beginning - and that can be scary, scary stuff. 

But it’s also the space where magic unfolds.

As long as you don't keep ignoring the inner voice that's telling you you've put yourself on the back burner long enough - and instead you decide it's time for you to shape your next decade differently.



You have everything you desire and need inside you. But unlocking the knowledge you hold in your core can be challenging to do alone. 

Which if this is speaking to you, you already know - because you've probably already tried a gazillion ways that didn't work.

When I ran the first Magical Life Circle last year, I had no idea how impactful it would be for the women in the circle. There's something very powerful about combining the MAGICAL processes with holding space and helping you get out of your head and into your heart, that quite literally reconnects you to your own magic.

The 2020 circle is now in session, however I'm opening up my diary to work with 5 more midlife women who are ready to shape their life and impact from a rooted, and connected place.

Unfold Your Magic Mentoring offers you a sacred, safe space in which to press pause and reconnect to yourself - so you can take significant, soulful steps towards a life that fills you up so much, your friends wonder what your secret is.

If you just felt a flutter of excitement as you read that, trust your gut and arrange an obligation-free possibility call with me.

Do it before you talk yourself out of it... especially if your inner voice just started shouting louder ;)

That Soul Goal of yours just got one small soul-led step closer.

And I'd be honoured to hold space for you as your guide whilst I watch you make your year magical :)

Questions or Thoughts?

Drop me a note below lovely soul and I'll come back to you soon :)


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