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Don’t Be Afraid of Your Dreams

Do you ever wonder what it would take for you to honour your innermost dreams?

Or do you tell yourself your dreams are not really right for someone like you?

I believe that the big dreams you have for your life are amongst your most special, magical possessions. 

Yes, they are ethereal projections and you can’t touch them (just yet at least).  But does that mean they aren’t worthy, ‘real’ or tangible? 

This greatly depends on your perspective.

We all know people who consider themselves ‘realists’.

“If you can’t measure it or test it scientifically, it’s not real.”

“Following your dreams isn’t realistic.”

Blah, blah, blah… on and on, stomping all over any ideas that don't conform to their conformist ideas about life.

But I wonder, are any of these self-proclaimed realists you and I know, actually happy people?


In my experience, the dreamers are the happiest. 

Well, some of them.  Not the ones who dream of changes that they never find their last little bit of courage to make.  That can be a sad way to live, never quite finding happiness, or being afraid to step out incase they miss their footing and fail. 

Sometimes, just the fear of losing the dream through trying and failing is enough to paralyse someone.

So yes, fear of failure is something we need to address, and that’s coming up.  But just to say, those dreamers I know who are the happy people, are the brave souls who take steps forward, despite their own fear and despite their loved ones warning them off for fear they might get hurt.

The well-meant warnings that keep us blocked

When we are young children, we learn from our environment constantly.  We are little tiny adventure-loving souls who dream big, but who also pick up negative messages from the community of scared adults around us.

Those adults, who for the most part love us and want us to prosper in life, will instil beliefs in us about what is and isn’t possible or realistic in this world.

It’s unlikely that we will be the next big pop star or billionaire business tycoon.  It is unlikely that our art will be ‘discovered’ and sell for a good price.  It isn’t safe to ‘gamble’ on a creative career with no formal qualifications to fall back on.

We are raised to be part of a system where we follow a set path; become a doctor, a dentist, or an accountant, because these jobs will always need filling – you’ve heard the well-intentioned lecture I'm sure…

Of course, it sounds perfectly sensible.  It is also probably not going to change in the near future.  

What I want to spread awareness about is the subconscious blocks this can create for us all – even us dreamers who want to spread our wings and fly.


Awareness of our blocks

You could be the bravest, most inspired action-taker in the world, but still have subconscious blocks about the big move you want to make.

For example, if your dream was to start your own business, you may have made all the sensible plans and put all your ducks in a row, have the best marketing strategy and business support there is…

And you might still feel a myriad of fear and anxiety-based concerns.

A small amount of worry is both natural and healthy.  That’s perfectly human.  But if you find yourself procrastinating, backtracking, or doing any other kind of self-sabotaging behaviour, then I’d bet my hat it’s got something to do with a subconscious block.

It’s quite likely that the reason you feel fear about pursuing your dream is because your subconscious mind is playing a warning song on loop – something you learned as a child, most likely.

“Music isn’t a career, it’s a hobby.”

“Entrepreneurs are always in debt.”

“Freelancing is risky.”

Or in my case "there's no point doing an English degree because the only job you'll be able to do is be a teacher"


If you do want to go down the path of identifying and busting those blocks, then coaching and mentoring can be a magical tool for that. 

But just to get you started, awareness, is as always, a great place to begin.

Simply understanding that there is a deeper reason for your fears takes a mental weight off your shoulders. 

If you think back to childhood conversations with your family about what you wanted to do when you grew up, then maybe you will remember something that sheds a little light on what your subconscious is getting all fired up about.

Maybe being reminded that it's not your fault if you trip yourself up, will help you to bring a subconscious block into the light of consciousness where you can have a chat with it!

The main thing to know is that for anybody pursuing any dream at all, it will be a leap.  And all leaps move you out of your comfort zone and into the space of the unknown. 

If the big, bold things in life were easy, then everybody would be doing them.  But not everybody is.

You are a brave soul with a big dream.  Please don’t fear it to the extent that you never take action.

Trust that the unknown space is small and it very quickly leads to the Bridge of Possibility where magic awaits.

Now, go ‘out there’ and unfold your magic!

One simple step at a time... 

And if you need a hand, I'll be here to support you. Just reach out and ask. And know that I believe in you. Unreservedly.


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