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3 Simple Strategies For Calm & Happiness In The Silly Season

Hands Up - Who is feeling a little frazzled?

(Permission to put my hand down please? Otherwise I cannot write.. thank you)
Don't worry, I'm not judging you if you've got your hand up!
It's December, and in time-honoured tradition, the posts and adverts for All The Things have begun pouring virtually into my world everywhere I turn. 

How about you? Are you being bombarded with planner offers, workshops, vision board sessions and plan-your-biz classes too?

The senders mean well, so I won't launch into a long diatribe about either how awful or how wonderful this time of year is - or how easy it can be to start panicking because you might suddenly be feeling a bit like time is running out.
(Which it isn't!)
I also won't indulge in my usual long-winded writing - because if you've even found the time to read this amongst all the other December emails/jobs/posts etc, I'm exceedingly grateful for your attention.






Therefore, allow me to reward it. ASAP.

What you need is a SIMPLE STRATEGY for calm and happiness!!
And by simple, I mean quick, easy and achievable.
Before I get to that, let us linger for a luscious moment on the word SIMPLE. A lovely little word, often derided in modern society where things can be valued on how complicated, technical, advanced and multi-functional they are.
If you pause for a moment to consider, I am fairly certain that like me, your body is currently calling out for a simple rest from the 'switched-on', constantly whirring society we both inhabit.
I suspect your system has worked so hard for you this year that it's calling out to be rewarded. 
Preferably with something simple that calms your frazzled system, stirs your soul, inspires your heart, and activates your very clever para-sympathetic nervous system (the one in charge of the soothing REST and DIGEST response).








So here are your 3 SIMPLE strategies to bring calm and happiness back to the silly season:

  • Grab a favourite pen and a journal/notebook/post-it/scrap of paper/item of choice that you're allowed to write on (don't worry - this really won't take long!).  Sit down at the end of your day 5 or 10 minutes before you go to bed and just BE for a moment or two. Notice your breath. Sit. Be.
  • From this place of simply being, I invite you to write down just 3 things: What ONE THING happened today that you are grateful for? Anything, big, or small... don't judge, don't over-think it - your first response.
    What brought you joy or made you smile today? Remember just ONE THING. Don't try too hard!
    What ONE THING did you achieve today? It can be as small as making a cup of tea or as big as buying an amazing present for someone you love. No judging, this is not a competition!
  • PAUSE. Notice how the simple act of thinking about and writing these 3 things down has made you feel. Go to bed with a smile on your face, happiness in your heart, and joy in your soul. Read this list in the morning if you like, to inspire you for the day.
Repeat the above practice ad infinitum to make 'Happy' your default setting (use your tech to set a daily alarm to remind you!).

Why does this matter?

If you try this, you'll notice how this brief gift of 'self-love' takes your attention away from all your 'stuff'.
It's so simple - and as with so much of what I share, therein lies the power.
The simple act of pausing to take stock starts to re-programme your clever brain neurons, so that you feel more positive without much effort. Pausing returns your nervous system back to the natural 'rest and digest' state, which makes you feel brighter and lighter.

Pausing and reflecting on small things gives you mental space to think more clearly, so you're better placed to see how much the things you do matter.

When you gift yourself time to pause and reflect on a regular basis, it shifts your state more of the time, so that you feel calmer, happier and less overwhelmed by All The Things.

Simple, consistent, positive habits accumulate over time, to slowly shift how you act and feel.
This is one of the key elements I explore in my book The Magical Unfolding, because when you install new habits, they help you change your world.
In short, simple stuff works :)

Like This?

YAY! I love connecting to like-minded souls even more than I like a great gluten-free chocolate brownie. And that's saying something...  
If you found this useful or know someone who might benefit from some mellow Rebello vibes, please take a millisecond to share this post with them.
After all, when we come together, we make the world a brighter place :)
Thanks for reading lovely soul... until next time xx

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