Welcome Lovely Soul!

My name is Helen. I'm happy you're here!

I'm a soul mentor and guide to midlife women who want to do the next decade differently, so that they fulfil their dreams and honour their potential.

Grab a cuppa, get cozy, stay awhile. It's never too late to create a life you love and there's a reason you're here. Take some time to explore...

There's a huge increase in stress and overwhelm in the western world as we become more disconnected from ourselves.

It's an epidemic of modern life, leaving you feeling unfulfilled and like you're living Groundhog Day

Life is too short to spend it in overwhelm, striving without knowing why, ignoring your instincts, squashing your desires and exhausting yourself.

When you reach a point in life where something needs to change before you break, you need simple ways to press pause and tap into what truly matters to you, at a soul level, so you can redefine a meaningful life. On your terms. No hustle required.

I believe if we all learn to live in a way that lights us up, together we will create a brighter world. 

I've always looked for answers to life's big questions..

Why am I here? Why do I matter? What am I here to do?

I searched high and low for purpose, worth and meaning after a lifetime of waiting for real life to start.

I found it when I stopped looking outside myself for answers.

And rediscovered the magic waiting inside me instead.

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to do only two things – help people, and write.

I'm grateful that nowadays I get to do both - which feels nothing less than magical.

My pathway to this point has been convoluted and painfully slow. Along the way, like all humans, I've learned many painful lessons. I've emerged with a deep sense of gratitude for life and an inner knowing that as long as I honour my heart, life will always reward me.

Even if it doesn't feel that way at the time!

With over 2 decades experience in health and wellness; first as a health professional, later as a transformational therapist, yoga teacher and mentor, my drive to empower others led me to train in Shiatsu, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Yoga and Qoya with some of the purest lineages in the western world.

I've undertaken further training with incredible teachers such as Sonia Choquette, Barefoot Doctor, Gabrielle Bernstein, Bruce Frantzis, Thomas Attlee, Judith Hanson Lasater, Akinobu Kishi and Saul Goodman.

I'm now undertaking Optimize coach training for the 3rd time, after being derailed by the unexpected, sudden ending of my marriage, followed by the pandemic, two relocations in a year and the business hiatus that followed whilst I worked as a frontline keyworker for the Women's Centre I was once a keynote speaker for!

It's been a journey! And I'm still smiling and trusting.

Life has shown me how magical it can be when you learn how to flow with it, rather than fight it. Even when it all feels broken.

I'm grateful you're here and that I get to share my discoveries with you, so you can learn to flow with life too.

That was me. Pretty cute wasn't I!
Despite this, I spent the vast proportion of my life hiding myself in a corner, trying not to draw attention to myself.
Mainly because I learned several times over that Attention = Danger.
I spent my childhood living in my imagination because that world made more sense than the real one.
I stayed quiet, saw and felt everything, compressed myself and tried to fit in even though I stood out.
I was different. Too sensitive. Too clumsy. Too daydreamy.
I grew up believing a lot of things about myself I've now realised weren't true. Not because anyone lied to me - but because I believed other people's misguided beliefs about what being human looks like.
Consequently, I messed up adulting spectacularly. Many times over. 
You could be forgiven for thinking I wasted a lot of precious life force on all the effort it took to be someone I wasn't.
I used to think that too. After all, life is precious. And we only get one shot.
Thankfully I woke up
I escaped from my self-imposed fog of make-believe, embarking on a magical journey from which I've never looked back.
I found my soulmate, followed my curiosity, studied with incredible teachers, reconnected with my heart, traveled, traversed many challenges, fell down and got back up.
Time and time again. In the process I came home to myself. And realised I was enough. Even when I unwittingly began again on my own, in a new town, during a pandemic, at 50.
I've since made many big leaps into the unknown!
I've emerged with humour intact, huge capacity for love, and the ability to help women open their hearts.
I've uncovered deep inner knowing that I’m here to break a female ancestral cycle of suppressing your true self & somehow I've found the courage to help others do that too - even though it scares me!
Which is why I show up even though I'm not perfect, I share my truth without scripts, I offer a 'keep it real' podcast and I'm building a gorgeous soulful community of women like you.

One simple, imperfect step at a time.

I Love...β™₯️

Freshly brewed coffee β˜•οΈ

Chocolate brownies - my guilty pleasureπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

All Blue Things πŸ’™

Kittens - they make my heart smile 🐱

Magnolia trees in bloom. A brief gift of utter beauty 🌱

Exclamation marks. Because I love smiling πŸ™‚

Emojis. My new version of exclamation marks. Not that you can tell πŸ˜‰

Superfood smoothies & G&T. Not at the same time 🍸

Quiet soulful deep thinkers with big hearts and a creator soul πŸ™Œ

Beautiful things that make your heart go ping πŸ’—

Craggy coasts and deep blue sea. They make me happy inside 🌎

Kahlil Gibran, John O’Donohue, Rumi and The Alchemist πŸ‘Œ

My meditation cushion and my pashmina 🧘‍

Sound - in many forms. It moves my soul 🎡

I’ve loved words forever & love that I get to use them in my work ✍️

Speaking of which, I’ve learned LOVE is all that matters πŸ’

You might also like to know..

I’m an INFP, enneagram 9, Creator/Alchemist & intuitive, introvert empath. I’m dyspraxic, multi-passionate, have endless curiosity, appreciation for life & an ability to see things differently.

Helen means 'bright light' or shining one. It's my second name - soon to become my first! 

You might see me referred to as Helen Rebello the Queen of Mellow... apparently you'll know why if you meet me. I'm inside myself so I can't see or feel it!

Speaking of which, I might not see my own light fully, but I see the light in everyone I meet #truestory 🌝

Thanks for reading. I'm happy you came.

With love,

Helen xxx

Serving lovely souls with love since 2004.

Helen Rebello

BSc (Hons), PGDip, Dip Bss-Do, Dip CCST, RYT 200

Helen’s passion is empowering women to find more peace, purpose, magic and meaning in their life using her signature MAGICAL process.

She is an ‘NHS escapee’ who turned her life around from being a stressed, depressed, unfulfilled people-pleaser to living a fulfilling, peaceful, purposeful life.

Now, as a writer, Group Facilitator and Soul Mentor, she creates her days intentionally and intuitively around work that feeds her soul.

Helen loves helping soulful women to fulfil their potential, which is why she developed the MAGICAL process; blending her eastern and western wellness training with movement, mindfulness, meditation & mindset tools.

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