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This site offers you ways to slow down, connect to what you want and start living in a way that feeds your soul.

Without feeling selfish, silly, stressed or like a sell-out. #lesshustlemoreflow

Nourish Your Soul

Join The Magical Movement - a free online community of like-minded souls who want to contribute to a brighter world & live on their terms without hustle & overwhelm. 

Reclaim Your Zen

Soulful support options to stop the sense of whirring in your head and access your inner wise guru without having to retreat to a mountain or bend like a pretzel.

Unfold Your Magic

Learn how to stop hiding behind your facade of 'having it all together'. The Magical Unfolding book reconnects you to your magic... one simple step at a time.

I'm Helen Rebello, author of The Magical Unfolding, and the soul mentor to midlife women who feel unfulfilled in a world that worships hustle and busyness.

I offer resources empowering you to shape and create a life that fills you so much on the inside, every day feels magical on the outside.

True Story

Discover The Magical Process

Simple Steps to a More Meaningful, Magical Life

Find True Meaning

Get clear on who you are, why you're here & what you want.

Master Your Magic

Learn how to transcend fear, access your intuition & expand your energy

Make Magical Days

Install daily positive habits, including meditation & movement. 

"I’d recommend Helen’s resources to those who are looking for a space simply to ‘be’ and re-connect with themselves at a deeper level. Helen has a very unique and special way of working. Hugely open-hearted and deeply intuitive in the way in which she works. "

Viv Grant
Executive Coach, Author and Public Speaker

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Join our gathering of soulful women who want to live in a way that lights them up, without pushing and striving. Together we can create a brighter world.

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Instagram is my introvert happy place, where I love connecting, conversating & sharing. I love seeing photos of your copy of The Magical Unfolding & how you're living a more magical life!

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